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Remedy to Hunger (Essay Sample)


Audience: college educated audience
Purpose: to persuade the audience that your position is valid because you have
cogently reasoned through the issue and arrived at a recommendation
Submission: All essays must be submitted into the folder “Final Exam” by the deadline
on the syllabus and on the folder.
Rhetorical Situation: The Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded its highest award to
the World Food Program for intensifying its work to alleviate world hunger that has
increased significantly during the pandemic. Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chair of the
Norwegian Nobel Committee, commented, “The combination of violent conflict and the
pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people living on the brink of
starvation” (qtd. in Specia). According to the Feeding Texas website, the number of
Texas families who are hungry after four months of the Covid-19 virus has doubled as
will the victims or acute starvation by the end of 2020 if concerted efforts and strategies
are not augmented ( Even in the seemingly affluent Collin County,
Feeding America’s interactive map shows a 15% food insecurity rate. Globally, the UN’s
World Food Program, World Bank’s school feeding program, and the World Vision’s
child sponsorship program are among those addressing this urgent worldwide need with
Yemen and Somalia being the most severely impacted countries currently. Non-
government organizations, charities, and faith-based organizations engage paid staff
and private volunteers to daily feed the hungry families, students, and even workers on
state, county, and local levels. A complicating and controversial factor now is that
business owners are complaining that they cannot get workers for minimum wage jobs
because the government stimulus checks provide more money than a paycheck from
work does. In this view, the government stipends may be bolstering the unemployment
numbers that may affect availability of food for a family.
Choose one of these two options:
Option A
What do your recommend to reverse the trend of so many, including women and
children, literally starving to death, particularly in places impacted by both war and by
virus? What can be done immediately to help the hungry? Also, ask, “Do we as a
developed nation have an obligation?
Option B
What do you recommend to solve the problem of hunger in Texas or in Collin County,
given that Texas is one of the largest states in an affluent country? You may want to
consider the questions, “Do I have a personal role to play or a communal one?” (If you
are from or are connected to a particular country, you maywant to use that country
instead for your recommendation and argument.)
Option A or Option B will be to recommend a solution to this current controversy by
taking a position on the efficacy of your solution and by using the sources to support
your claim.
Assignment: write a persuasive 750-word essay in which you take a stand, make a
claim, and provide data to support your position. Develop your position using at least
four articles and reasoning without fallacious thinking. The essay will recommend a
solution to the issue of increased hunger during the pandemic.
Final: You must submit your essay into the folder entitled “Final Exam” by the deadline.
The final is worth 150 points to allow you to apply what you have learned from each of
your essays,
Documentation: you will be expected to use in-text (parenthetical documentation) and to
write a "Works Cited" sheet using MLA form on the final.
Sources and Rubric: Use the following articles to take a position on the issue. You do
not have to do further research. The exam will be scored on the construction, cogency,
and persuasiveness of the argument, as well as the use of MLA in-text and MLA Works
Cited documentation, rather than additional research.


Student's Name
Instructor's Name
Q1. What do you recommend to reverse the trend of many, including women and children, literally starving to death, particularly in places impacted by both war and the virus? What can be done immediately to help the hungry? Also, ask, "Do we as a developed nation have an obligation?
The regions are characterized by armed violence and a high number of refugees. The countries are always in a food crisis and contain about six hundred and ninety million people facing hunger (Relief Web). Stunted children are among the people living in conflicted areas, and they are about one hundred and twenty-two million (Relief Web). People in these countries receive 80% of UN humanitarian aid (Relief Web).
The situation regarding hunger was worse for the countries that have been dominated by war and violent crises. About twenty-one countries are affected by acute hunger characterized as war afflicted across the world (Relief Web). Most war-affected countries like the DRC Congo depend on humanitarian donations from organizations, other governments, Non-governmental organizations, and faith-based groups. The war zoned countries were neglected during the pandemic making food, and their receipt of donations was reduced significantly. The world had wholly shifted its attention to the war against the COVID 19 pandemic. The reduced food aid raised the hunger index in these war-zoned countries, resulting in acute hunger in the war-zoned regions. In the areas, there are cases of starvation to death.
In conflict zoned countries food insecurity is a major problem. Agriculture cannot prosper due to insecurity. In areas where agriculture can be practiced, the cost of non-modest food is extremely high (Relief Web).
The solution to the problem of starvation and hunger in conflict-infested regions is by purposing to instill peace. Lasting peace will be found through diplomacy and peacekeeping missions. The UN and other organizations should work in hand and ensure peace, stability, harmony, democracy, and governance. There should be policies that ensure the welfare of society. When peace is administered, poverty will be eradicated. The peaceful environment will also promote agriculture that will enhance food security. UN will save billions worth of humanitarian aid that it uses in countries with violent conflicts.
The COVID 19 pandemic has been a global pandemic. The pandemic had instilled fear as there had been no vaccination that would improve the chance of survival for human beings. The pandemics negatively affected the world's economy and led to an abnormal lifestyle. Due to our scientists' diligence, the vaccine was finally found, which gives hope to resume normality. The problems that led to the hunger index rising worldwide are crisis and war in countries, high unemployment rates, and pandemics. By analyzing the issues then one can come up with a solution. For countries affected by the combination of problems may suffer from hunger severely. The answer should have an aim to prevent fatalities of children and women due to starvation.
During the pandemic, most of the workers were fired, leading to a high rate of unemployment globally, which is attributed to the adverse economic impact caused by the pandemic. The pandemic has reduced income and affected the supply chain (World Bank, para 1). Globally the high increased levels of hunger and consumption of unbalanced diets are evident. About 9.9% of the world's population has been malnutrition during the pandemic (WHO, Para 5). The pandemic also leads to a significant number of people to suffer from hunger. About two billion people, about a third of the world's population, are victims of hunger (WHO, para 7). From the statistics, hunger around the world has elevated significantly during the pandemic.
With the third of the world's population in hunger, we ought to act accordingly to free the world from hunger. Through collaboration, we may eradicate hunger from the lives of people globally. The first remedy for people with hunger would be the resilience of the adverse economic status (WHO, Para 11). The COVID 19 led to the global economy's adverse effect that resulted in most people's unemployment. The governments in the world may have programs that will at least see people are employed through innovation. There ought to be cash aid to help the residents of places that have been badly affected by the pandemic. Through the pandemic, the general cost of food per unit raised b

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