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Roots of Oceanography (Essay Sample)

Topic: Roots of Oceanography. Number of pages: 2 Number of sources: 3 In a 2 pag essay, discuss how oceanography got its start. Outline the significant milestones that contributed to this field of science. The essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay must also have a cover page and a reference page. source..
Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Code: Date: Roots of Oceanography The vast oceanography popularity in the modern world may make this subject appear as one of the most current fields of science. However, the roots of oceanography have a significant extension of thousands of years, during which people started to explore coastlines using rafts. The deep interest of oceanographers and navigators allowed them to pay close attention to oceans in distinct ways. Specifically, they extensively observed storms, currents, tides, and waves that propelled their rafts in particular directions at specific times. The properly refined oceanic knowledge that people have today extends its origin from the important oceanography principles developed several years before Christ (B.C) and during the anno domini (A.D) centuries. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand that the development of oceanography has not been systematic, but its bold concepts have necessitated the need to reexamine this knowledge to uncover more fresh insights. The earliest history of oceanography extends back to 7250 B.C, during which sea trading was a common practice between Aegian island and the Greek mainland (Mitra 1). Nonetheless, people during this period had little knowledge of ocean piloting and shipbuilding. Due to the limited ocean piloting knowledge, voyages were risky and unsafe, specifically during strong storms and waves alongside other unseen natural calamities. Notably, the years between 4000 B.C and 2000 B.C were characterized by considerable construction and development of shipbuilding and ocean piloting among the Polynesians and Egyptians (Mitra et al. 2). However, there were no established techniques of constructing the sailing vessels, and not until 3500 to 3200 B.C, when Naqada II was established that people changed the profile of their vessels (Mark 1). Of most importance is that shipbuilding and construction practices made the voyages relatively safe besides providing better navigation strategies. Since the beginning of extensive shipbuilding, oceanographers and navigators have easily fared the oceans. Without a doubt, shipbuilding served as a critical stepping stone that laid an indisputable exploring foundation for many oceanographers. During 1500 B.C, the Phoenicians conducted their trade from North Africa and made expansive voyages of exploration in the Pacific Ocean through the Mediterranean Sea. Equally important, Arab merchants voyaged the Indian Ocean between 1500 B.C and 500 B.C. As Mitra (1) demonstrates, Ptolemy during the 127-151 A.D made a useful discovery of a world atlas that played a vital role among navigators, although the atlas was faulty from different perspectives. In the later centuries, specifically during the 17th century, navigators depicted rejuvenated interest to develop reliable and accurate charts. With the notable development of charts, distinct individuals have made great voyages across different oceans. For instance, Captain James Cook explored the Pacific Ocean during the late 18th century. Equally important, Benjamin Franklin, with his vast ocean expl...
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