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What are some of the things you would do differently if you could repeat the semester (Essay Sample)


Explain: What are some of the things you would do differently if you could repeat the semester

What I would do differently if I would repeat the semester
Once in a while, everyone feels that they might not have accomplished previously set goals. This is true with students when they look back at what they have achieved in a given term or semester. It hits them even harder when the grades do not reflect their expectations and would jump at an opportunity to fix the mistakes. Mostly, the opportunity comes inform of retaking the course for a whole semester. Personally, if I were to repeat the semester, there are a number of things I would do differently.
To start with, I would give more effort to all my papers, spending more time in the library and other resource units to ensure that I submit better-researched assignments. This is after realization that good output, especially on writing excellent essays, is dependent on thorough research. This would mean that I ...
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