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Compare and contrast between teaching and community hospitals (Essay Sample)


Comparing and contrasting between teaching and community hospitals


(Compare and contrast between teaching and community hospitals)
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Actually, a teaching hospital is a medical institution which offers a critical medical training for physicians. Normally, they serve as the heart of graduate medical education. These teaching hospitals deliver higher level of health care to their patients. For example, based on American teaching hospitals, better and quality services have been delivered to patients responsibly and effectively. Equally, teaching hospitals prepare medical graduates for practice in a series of accredited programs such as general survey, internal medicine, anesthesiology among others. An example is Barnabas health care system which is a major teaching affiliate of the UMDNJ-New Jersey medical school, New York.
While a community hospital is a local hospital which provides a range of health services and resources. Actually, it is small in size but to some point others may offer in-patient services. Further, it is easily accessible to the general public and offers specific or general medical care which is normally cost effective and short term. It ensures a vivid focus on preventing any sort of illness by treating it out. In fact, most of these hospitals are set up simple backgrounds in order to reach all especially the low and middle class persons.
Authentically, these two types of hospitals share a great deal of similarities based on their functionality, workforce deployment practices, organizational culture and work design. For instance, organizational factors effectively contribute to nursing and potentially patient outcomes. Equally, the skills employed in handling and giving healthcare services are the same whether in a medical school or a community hospital (2003).
For example, in case of an operation or surgery, the skills and facilities employed by medical students are the same used in community hospitals. Further, the medical policies governing the schools are the same all over the community hospitals especially in terms of working conditions and environment at large (Primrose, 1998). The aspect of professionalism to be enhanced and championed applies to all regardless of whether one is in a medical school or a community hospital.
However, there are some important differences between community and teaching hospitals reflected on the above factors of consideration. For example, a given number of nurses from sixteen medical and surgical units in randomly selected acute care medical hospitals revealed a clear cut between the teaching and community hospitals. Nurses working in teaching came out with lower levels of responsibility tension and yet their perceptions on nursing unit leadership, quality care, quality of work, working environment and job satisfaction were higher.
Teaching hospitals
Generally, teaching hospitals work and coordinate in larger teams which manage and handle a greater variety of patients than community hospitals which tend to cater for a minimal number of patients. Also the teaching hospitals provide an excellent opportunity to champion specialty which is very important in career choice and development (2003). But as compared to community hospitals, the opportunity towards the aspect of specialty is quite minimal and very much limited. Equally, with the opportunity to be involved in many trials research projects and audits give the teaching hospitals a unique system of operations as compared to community hospitals that are not that exposed in terms of career enhancement and development.
There is higher degree of exposure of teaching hospitals to tertiary practice, whereby students get a chance to further their profession and career at large. Availability of well equipped and big medical libraries makes this type of a hospital to be different to the community one. Other medical school related facilities crowns the differential part of teaching hospitals thus a great deal of experience for medical practitioners.
Community hospitals
With community hospitals, there is minimal team work thus enhancing and facilitating the aspect of loneliness and lack of critical support hence, making the job career even harder. However, with the conducive and smaller aspects of community hospitals stand out as the key advantage to trainees (Primrose, 1998). In fact, trainees get more hands-on experience in community hospitals.
Policy concerns
In fact, policy concerns make a differ...
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