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The Difference between Hearing Culture and Deaf Culture (Essay Sample)


This essay analyzes The Difference between Hearing Culture and Deaf Culture


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The Difference between Hearing Culture and Deaf Culture
Communication plays a significant role in modern society. Hearing and deaf cultures are two distinct facets, which use different means of communicating. According to Hill (163), there are at least two deaf individuals in every one thousand people. Continuous learning is the cornerstone to understanding every community or cultural group. In the late 18th and early 19th century, it was difficult for deaf people to receive an education. Eventually, sign language was recognized and incorporated into school education (Hill 163). As a result, sign language has evolved ever since. Nowadays, those who use sign language and those, who can hear and speak, co-exist together in society (Benner 223). However, deaf culture differs from hearing culture in terms of principles, believes, behavioral habits, and language.
A set of behaviors and activities distinguishes the hearing and deaf culture. The deaf community is characterized by sign languages associated with social norms, gestures, and visual body language. American Sign Language (ASL) is commonly used in deaf culture, where individuals may communicate by maintaining eye contact (Dockens 188). On the other hand, hearing culture is characterized by using spoken words while adhering to the predetermined societal norms (Benner 225). Unlike in the deaf culture, body language and gestures are only used to create extra attention. People in the hearing community interact with each other using their oral languages, such as French and English.
Both cultures have their collection of principles and beliefs that govern what is permissible. For instance, in deaf culture, it would be inappropriate to attempt to gain somebody's attention by flashing a hand before their face (Clark and Daggett 195). Tapping on the shoulder or maintain eye contact is appropriate behavior. In hearing culture, one is expected to use specific vocabulary and tone based on the environment and relationship of the people having a conversation (Benner 224). The hearing community's societal values are often misunderstood in deaf culture, thus leaving a void in the knowledge that may reduce awareness. Similarly, the hearing community does not recognize elements of deaf culture, making it hard for the two groups to communicate.
Consequently, both deaf and hearing cultures have adapted and evolved. Unlike the hearing culture, the deaf community has become unique because it is a collectivist community built by its value and habits. There are apparent differences in principles, beliefs, behavioral ha

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