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The Role of Religion in Bradstreet's Poetry (Essay Sample)


The task here was to provide an overview of how religion plays its part in developing the ideas in Bradstreet's Poetry. Such was to include the role of spirituality in creating the arguments and relevance of the poetess' ideas and theories. Also, it included finding special cases in some of the poems that Anne Bradstreet presents verses that clearly depict religion based on her ways of presenting the poetry.


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The Role of Religion in Bradstreet's Poetry
Anne Bradstreet was a poetess active in the seventeenth century whose verses convey the coeval worldview. The latter includes a spiritual understanding of the world’s origin. Bradstreet’s spirituality roots both in the Puritan religion and in her own beliefs.
The combination of these theoretical platforms is evident in her poem “Before the Birth of One of Her Children.” Bradstreet writes: “And if I see not half my days that’s due, / What nature would, God grant to yours and you” (lines 13-14). In these lines, she wishes a long life to her husband and children. The reference to God indicates that she perceives the divinity as a giver of life, in accordance with the Puritan faith. The poetess also names nature as the origin of life, which reveals the author’s own believes. Thus, the verse combines a scientific approach with religious ideas within the spirituality of the seventeenth-century author.
Another Bradstreet's poem, “Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our house…,” offers significantly more references to religion. The poetess watched her home burn down and sought consolation in God “And when I could no longer look, / I blest His name that gave and took,” confesses the woman (lines 13-15). The author does not blame God for depriving her family of their home and possessions but accepts the event as an expression of the divine will. This attitude to life and God are definitely Puritan in their nature.
However, also this poem co

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