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The Story about the Lady with the Dog (Essay Sample)


the task involved analysis of a story called 'the lady with a dog' . It was about two adulterous men who found no joy in their marriage. Due to the disgust in their marriage, the two men ended up hating women and just having casual sexual relationship with them with no commitment. It depicted that the real life of men is only experienced at night when they get involved in affairs that are unknown by the society.


The Lady with the Dog
The story presents two adults that are veteran adulterers due to their existing false and unhappy marriages that confines them against a real pleasure. Dmitrii Dmitrich Gurov who is a banker, though married and with three children, finds no joy in his marriage. First it took place when he was still in college, she is intellectual and appears to be three times older than him. The disgust in his marriage make him to have shallow and cynical attitude on all women and describes them as ‘lower breeds’. It is the source of his adulterous behavior where he disguises himself a romantic man towards women who becomes his prey only too dump them without any feeling of guilt thereafter (Litvinov).
His encounter with Anna is a turning point in his adulterous life and attitude towards women which in addition causes a dilemma in their two lives. Through Gurov, the reader is able to learn and understand Anna and draw the similarity between the two. Initially the writer use symbolism of the dog to show how Anna was innocent and to use it as the excuse of the Gurrov to start a conversation with her. The dog vanishes when the affair becomes established. He describes her as a lady with the dog as a form of humiliation. It becomes the beginning point of the two individual to start an affair and affirm it with regular visitation and travels to Oreanda (Talia and Aaron)
The affair of the two lovebirds depict the disguise they have been living in their families. Anna, although being married starts to cry feeling that she would be despised by Gurov when they sleep together. Although Anna finds the affair the best thing that happened in her life, she feels guilt about it. She says, “I love all that is honest and pure in life, vice is revolting in me” She is torn between committing to a vice or remaining stuck faithfully unhappy marriage. She even says that her husband is a flunkey. The description of the previous women by Gurov strikes the contemptuous nature he views them describing that they were “exhilarated by lovemaking and grateful to him for the happiness he gave them, however short-lived” (Litvinov).
The author in addition present Yalta as a special place for both Gurov and Anna away from their eternal traps of unhappy marriages in S. and in Moscow. It is a romantic oasis for Anna but for Gurov, it is a place where freedom of intimacy cannot be found elsewhere. Both have different perception on one another with Anna feeling that she would be seen just as a common woman Dmitri thinks that Anna sees him as a kind and a lofty man. However they later discovers that they are united by a common factor, a disappointment in their past and present desire of true love. Their special union is confirmed by th

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