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The Tempest Dual Role (Essay Sample)


the tempest dual role
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I want to write an essay that talks about in the tempest show they use dual role.
Caliban and Antonio same person; Gonzalo and Stephano same person; Sebastian and Trinculo same person. how this kind of dual role affects the show. and need three scholar source.


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The Tempest Dual Role
Perhaps the Tempest by Shakespeare is one of the plays that received a lot of criticism from various commentators in relation to the scope of symbolism and meaning in the play. It is germane to state that apart from the criticism that is apparent concerning the themes presented in the play, it is important to state that there is widespread use of dual role in the poem. To demystify this further, Caliban and Antonio, Gonzalo and Stephano, Sebastian and Trinculo are the same people in the play but they play different roles. The impetus of this paper is to explore the primary implications of the use of use of dual roles in the tempest play.
The process of seeking gender identity mainly in the play is one of the primary reason why some of the characters ended up carrying out dual roles. Notably, the implication that is attributed to the use of dual roles is that the play complicates it and deepens the search for identities (Tuğlu, 63). Despite the fact that the employment of dual role in a play is a good way to meet the objectives of the play, it is visible also that such aspects can have dissenting ramifications in the long run.
One of the greatest obstacles to performing two roles in a play effectively is the ego of the character. In context, under such given situations in which a character performs two roles, it is evident that it may or may not act as a unifying element. That is to mean that some of the characters who are tasked to play two roles often do the same on the basis of economic considerations. The role that the cast in the play at times has a lot to do with the logistics instead of the motifs of the entire narrative. Thus, the thematic tie-ins, for the majority of the parts, emanates from the imagination of the person who is directing the play. It is a similar case in the Tempest in which the dual roles that are played by the mentioned characters as entirely on the basis of the imaginations of the director of the play (Hawkins, 173). Nonetheless, it is clear that playing multiple roles in a play is technically and also psychologically daunting experience. Another effect of dual role in a show is that it would confuse the character and also overreaction (Horwitz, paragraph 5). There is a high risk of characters performing such roles in falling into a kind of over-the-top acting approach.
Playing dual roles in a show is not entirely that daunting to an individual. Such acts create a good opportunity for unexpected freshness in each kind of portrayal that is taking place. That is to imply that when an individual plays a single character, in most cases, they a

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