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Thesis Statement: The US government should provide health care to all (Essay Sample)


Persuasive Essay
Topic: Thesis Statement: The United States government should provide universal health care to all citizens. Topic Sentence: Health is a right, not a privilege Support: Access to affordable health care can never rely on the venue, amount of money, race, sex, or age. Topic Sentence: Improvement of health Support: Without fear of not being able
Pages: 1 Pages / 275 words
Discipline: English
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Format or citation style: MLA
Paper Instructions IDEAS
Thesis Statement (12%)
The persuasive essay’s
thesis clearly states what
the writer will argue for or
Topic Sentences (12%):
Each topic sentence
supports the thesis by
clearly stating a main point
in the discussion and
announcing what the
paragraph will be about.
Support (12%)
: The
thesis statement is
supported with solid
reasons such as facts and
examples. The writer
avoids invalid or
emotional arguments.
Unity (12%): All
paragraphs relate to the
thesis statement. The
essay does not include
irrelevant reasons or
Introduction (8%): The
opening paragraph catches
the reader’s interest,
provides background, and
states the thesis.
Order (12%):
The reasons are logically
Coherence (8%)
Paragraphs are linked with
repetition, references to
preceding words or ideas,
transitional expressions
and transitional sentences.
Conclusion (8%)
: The
final paragraph provides
an interesting and
satisfying ending.
Grammar/Punctuation (12%): Sentences are free
of errors.
4%): Paper is
formatted correctly


Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?
This is an essentially significant inquiry. To my own viewpoint, medical care is an advantage. As indicated by a book from Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States, a large number of Americans actually need protection inclusion, and millions more have deficient inclusion for intense consideration (Wright et al. 1117). Those living in destitution show the most noticeably awful wellbeing status. Work, instruction, pay, and race are significant components in an individual's capacity to get medical care access (sObama 526).
Medical services in the US is a significant extravagance. Most medical clinics in the United states give great medical care, in any case, the public authority cannot give excellent medical care to every one of its residents basically in light of the fact that it is excessively costly. While trying to build inclusion for a huge number of Americans the Affordable Care Act (ACA)was sanctioned in 2010 (Wright et al. 1115). This demonstration set up "shared duty" between the public authority, managers together 

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