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Black Latin and Asian Gangs Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Black Latin and Asian Gangs

Black Latin and Asian Gangs
3. Examine the relationship between political struggles and gang formation. Please examine the civil rights movement/student movement/armed struggles in its historical context (including the goals, structure, impact, and failures).
Gangs and politics are two closely related aspects of the society. The relationship between youth gangs and politic is a common phenomenon in the modern society. Most of the gangs are formed by youths who feel that they have been sidelined by political agenda. At times, gangs have been drawn into nationalists, revolutionary, grassroots, and mass religious activities. Gangs also play both paramilitary and political roles in support of dominant elites and have a political organization in protecting the underground economy. Therefore, this essay explores the relationship that exists between gangs and politics in the world’s history.
Throughout history, three different periods of youth gangs’ political involvement can be identified. The first category of the earliest gang political relations is the mafia, triads, hooligans and voting gangs in different parts of the world. The earliest gangs were remote rebels Triads in China and Mafioso in Italy whose origin was as a result of their resistance to the external rule of the Qing dynasty and Spanish Habsburgs respectively. These gangs were not entirely social movements but were combined nationalist appeals with the lobbying of protection and control over drugs, prostitution, and gambling. The influx of immigrants from Europe during the 19th century sparked periods of ethnic and class related conflicts. The building of urban machines was dependent on ethnic-bound politics and clashes of the immigrant population were the norm in many cities including New York. In New York, the prevailing Yankees were challenged by the Irish who moved voting gangs to threaten rivals. Politicians used corner kids to bully Tammany Hall’s electoral opponents. Also, racial discrimination against African-Americans and immigrants from Mexico facilitated the formation of white organized gangs who fought against these groups such as the KuKlax clan. During the civil war Irish gangs assaulted African Americans. Klan and Draft Riots activity helped shun Los Angeles Mexicans mute politically at the beginning of the 20th century besides terrorizing blacks in the South.
During the construction of the railway line in the US, the Chinese community trickled in the US in search of job opportunities. However, the Chinese community started getting mistreated by the US native and were poorly paid. The natives had a perception that the Chinese we...
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