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History and Political science (Essay Sample)


History and Political science: American involvement in Vietnam

History and Political science
After 1965 and the justification of American involvement in Vietnam, there was criticism. The critics wanted to air the real reason why there was American involvement in Vietnam other than the common explanation of protecting the freedom and independence of South Vietnamese (Bishop 22). Also, they wanted to highlight the neglect to homeland issues the war caused. There was a racial nightmare in the course of the Vietnam war After 1965, the menace of racial discriminations and the onset of uprising by the blacks against it was rampant and spilling over to the war zone.
The civil rights movements became vocal and the focus of the great society plans faced a stern test. The programs were started to alleviate poverty by offering education to the less educated and less privileged in all races (Woods 13).They gradually faced criticism due to high costs. There would be higher costs to produce useful trainees out of all the people who enrolled in Job Corps. The civil rights movement saw cause for alarm as the war in south East Asia consumed a lot of resources that could have otherwise been used to fund the government programs. Therefore, due to the war in Vietnam, the activists saw the war on poverty in America as underfunded yet the war was not necessary. With the war, the promises of the great society highlighted by President Lyndon B. Johnson failed to materialize as planned. As a consequence, the blacks and the poor whites were the bearers of the heaviest consequences of the war. The young Americans through a publication quoted "the proclaimed peaceful intentions of the United states contradicted its economic and military investments in the cold war (Schaller 301). The young generation was concerned by the government’s concentration of the war in Vietnam rather than addressing the Negro troubles in the south.
The upheavals caused by civil rights movements brought to the masses the extent to which the government was deeply getting involved in military matter in South Vietnam. The publications such as that made by a university of Michigan student known as the Port Huron statement served to highlight the inequities that the government exercised and the neglect they did to the mainland in the course of the war. Through the statement, the concern by the students for democratic society asserted that the goals of America during the period were ambiguous and were being managed traditionally rather than that which was informed and clear. This influenced people to believe that the government had no concern for the opinion of the people yet it states to rule by democracy which is "of, by and for the people. (Schaller 301)
The actions of the civil rights movements thus helped to show the reduced attention to the great society goal and equality of Ameri...
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