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Immigration History Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper comprises three parts addressing immigrants and their incorporation into the U.S system. It further addresses the various challenges the immigrants underwent.


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Question One
In the early years, deportation from the U.S. involved the utilization of legal and government resources. Between 1997 and 2012, more than 4 million immigrants have been deported by the U.S. government (Golash-Boza and Pierrette 272). Additionally, policymakers targeted migrants, especially the underprivileged migrant women, African-American women, and expectant Latino women, and termed them as reproductive threats (Golash-Boza and Pierrette 272). The rate at which migrant women gave birth was termed as a threat that might drain resources, interfere with demographic consistency, and lead to an increase in the Latino community (Golash-Boza and Pierrette 273). As such, federal reforms were made, and migrant women were rendered ineligible for state benefits.
However, the view of migrant women as a danger to the state has shifted in the modern era. The new threat in males, one personified by terrorist men and “illegal foreigners.” after the 9/11 attack, the U.S. government used deportation as the main scheme for guarding the country against the gendered and ethnic threats of illegal fugitive foreigners and terrorists (Golash-Boza and Pierrette 274). Besides the change in discourse towards criminal aliens, the association of the federal security and immigration rule has generated extraordinary numbers of deportations.

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