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Historic Figure: Martin Luther King, Jr. (Essay Sample)


The paper required me to write the historic life of Historic Figure: Martin Luther King, Jr.


Historic Figure: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thesis statement: Martin Luther King Jr. is a legend who fought for equal treatment of all races in the United States of America.
Overview: Luther King Jr. had the interest of all Americans at heart. He wanted everyone to get equal treatment regardless of his or her race. He used his influence, as a preacher, to gather support. This made him receive backing in his call for peaceful demonstrations to condemn racism in America. The protests led to the enactment of legislation that gave African-Americans constitutional protection.
Luther King Jr. was born in the year 1929, in the state of Georgia.
He had an ability to convince people and lead peaceful protests against racial biasness.
Martin and other champions of equality guided people in the condemnation of the requirement by Montgomery, that African-Americans stand up for the Native Americans in buses. Their arrest did not stop them from fighting for the Negroes.
Protests, change, and the assassination of King Jr.
There were protests in the year 1963 that saw the police use excessive force on the demonstrators. The action by the officers faced condemnation that made them have a soft approach to protestors.
King Jr. influenced more than two thousand people who participated in peaceful protests to Washington DC. He then delivered his “I have a dream” speech at this city.
The US Congress approved the Civil Rights Act that gave all the citizens equal opportunities.
Martin received Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964.
King Jr. was assassinated in the year 1968.
Martin Luther King Jr. remains an inspirational figure.
Historic Figure: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. is a legend who fought for equal treatment of all races in the United States of America. His zeal for change and racial equality led to the introduction of a fair treatment of all the Americans. This helped the Negroes to gain power of participation in electoral processes in the USA. He advocated for indiscriminating handling of people with African backgrounds. This was through the formation of “the African-American Civil Rights Movement.” Luther King Jr. was successful in his dream of an all-inclusive society because he had the support of all the African-Americans. This was facilitated by his position of spiritual head of the Baptist church. He used peaceful demonstrations as ways of airing his views and those of other people who had dark complexions. The peaceable protests drove the US Congress to the formulation of laws that recognized the rights of all the races that resided in the country. This occurrence culminated in the honoring of King Jr. with a Nobel Peace Prize (Jeffrey 109).
King Jr. was born in the year 1929, in the state of Georgia. He was good at public speaking that made him attract big crowds whenever he was addressing gatherings. His fame rose in the year 1955 when his group, which fought for equal opportunities and treatments of all races, led a protest against Montgomery. This resulted in their arrest. Montgomery was a company that offered transport services to Americans. It came up with a policy that required all the people, who were of African origin, to stand up and hand over their bus seats to Americans with light complexions. This was to apply every time when the Native Americans entered the buses, and there were no seats for them. The rule also required that African passengers move to the back of the buses where they were to stand throughout their journeys. This made King Jr. and other crusaders of civil rights to initiate peaceful demonstrations, which called for the enactment of a fair legislation that would protect African-Americans (Kirk 183).
Despite their arrests after the protests in the late 1950s and early 1960s, King Jr. and his supporters did not abandon their quest for just treatment of Africans. In the year 1963, Luther and other pro-equality individuals led a spate of demonstrators in Alabama to compel the government to protect the Negroes. This did not go down well with the authorities, and they opted to face the nonviolent protesters with ferociousness. Martin and his group received a brutal handling from the police officers who had orders to deal with them ruthlessly. It was unfortunate for them because the officers were Native Americans. The police used dogs and sprayed liquids, which were contaminated with chemicals, on the people who were opposing racism. This behavior attracted worldwide criticism because it was the headline on all the daily publications. The concomitant of the condemnation was a more friendly treatment of protestors by the authorities than before, which empowered the leaders of the political movements to devolve their activities to the community level. There were numerous protests from different residential areas in the same year, which had more than two hundred and fifty thousand participants (Ralph 201). The group arrived in Washington DC, which was the place where King Jr. delivered the notable speech “I have a dream.”
In the year 1964, the go...
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