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Migration Essay (Essay Sample)


The task required one to explain the migration pattern history of their family. The sample explains the migration pattern history.

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My family Migration History
Everyone would wish to live a life that is free and happy in a country that provides equal opportunities with the possibility of having a better future for the whole family. However, not many countries guarantee such a life to its citizens making migration to be a common option to many families (Adler and Uwe, 29). My family has not been exceptional as we have had to migrate to different countries in search of a better life. We have moved from Mexico, United States and Europe.
My family was forced to move from Mexico to the United States due political instability in Mexico. Domosh and Terry suggest that political instability caused by the war in countries like Mexico cause the economic level of the country to be poor (91). Hence, there were no jobs opportunities and my father who was a casual worker did not earn enough to sustain the family.
Hence, my parents had to migrate to the United States in search of better job opportunities. The United States had better job opportunities as my father got the opportunity to work in the military. My mother a registered nurse got a permanent job with better pay than in Mexico. My grandparents, who first moved to United States were employed as casual workers but would later move back to Mexico due to the strict immigration policies which made them fear deportation. However, migration made me changes schools which made it a little hard to adjust to the different environment and education policies.
Migration Patterns for my Family
According to Domosh and Terry migration patterns always reflect the economic trends of the world (50). My family migrated to different destinations due to the status of the economy in their country at those times. My paternal grandparents were born in the rural areas of Mexico. In search of job opportunities to better their lives, they migrated from the rural area to urban area of Mexico. This is known as rural urban migration. Mexican civil war however made them to immigrate to the United States where things seemed better.
My grandparents had not come to stay in United States forever. Migration had made my extended family to split apart and hence they needed to go back to Mexico. Adler and Uwe describes this as return migration ...
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