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Origin of all Things (Essay Sample)


Providing a rationale for studying of religion?
Describe the origin of all things and explain the significance of the across different religions.
Show in what ways the category is significant for each religion.
Use at least three (3) quality resources as references for the assignment and document your sources using MLA Style for in-text citations and references. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.


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Origin of All Things
The question of the origin of all things has been a challenging question since the beginning of history. Several cultures have a history of explaining the same question in different versions. For instance, how did the world come into existence? Origin of people and life? In modern society, the origin of all things has taken within this broader cultural context; scientists have also come up with contradicting theories on the existence of human beings. Likewise, religions across the globe are trying to answer the question of the origin of all things. However, Buddhism is an exception to religions dealing with the question of the origin of all things. Ideally, creating the world, including all existing things on earth, requires a stage where things were found and space where records unfold with time.
The most interesting part of all things' origin is that man is a being of many existences linked with each other by ties of several natures. In Christianity settings, the origin of a man and all other things is GOD. All living and non-living things are of God. It is believed that some are privileged than others in the eyes of God. However, God fills the universe and exists in all corners of the world.
The study of the origin of all things in the study of religion has some significance. It gives a comprehensive picture of how several inhabitants such as administration systems, society, and technology come into existence (Mohajan & Haradhan Kumar, 2018). Besides, it explains how they worked in ancient times. Studying the history of all things helps people to understand how people and societies conducted themselves. For instance, we can know how they used to observe various rituals. History of all things gives data used to make theories and laws about different aspects of society.
It provides a sense of identity. It is normally one of the crucial reasons why the origin of all things is important in studying religion. Discoveries of origin of all things have helped many theologies learn different cultures of various communities, groups were formed, and how they existed and developed over time. It further helps us comprehend contemporary issues by knowing why things are the way they are.
The study of the origin of all things is significant in various religions (Mukhammadsidiqov & Mukhammadolim, 2020). The paper will check how it is important to Islamic and Christian religions. Islam and Christianity have one thing in common; both are Abrahamic religions in the world. They share some beliefs that bracket them from the rest of humankind's understanding of human originality. The paper will narrowly major on the existence of man as perceived in those religions. For instance, in the Islamic faith, a narrative based on Quranic, they believe that man came into being after Allah consulted his angels about his selection for Khalifa of Allah on earth. Besides, the second chapter in Quran named Baqara supports the claim (Erkan & Mustafa Serdar, 2020). However, Islamic view of human beings and all things in the universe does not match in any way with the scientific view.
In contrast, the Christian religion believes that God created all things. The first book of the Bible, popularly known as Genesis, explains how God created everything in an order

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