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Are Parkland School Survivors Using Their Anger In A Beneficial Way? (Essay Sample)


Are the Survivors of Parkland School shooting using their Anger in a beneficial way?

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Are the Survivors of Parkland School shooting using their Anger in a beneficial way? Anger can be defined as an emotion that gets characterized by antagonism toward someone, or something that you feel has deliberately been done wrong. In our daily lives, it is very average to experience several instances of anger. Becoming angry has come something reasonable that we do not bother much when we see someone in that state. It is tough for persons to avoid incidents of getting angry according to the researchers. There are situations like those happened in the horrific shooting in parkland school where anger cannot get questioned. This means that sometimes anger might be the best expression of something that is not accepted either by the individuals or by the community. There is a Florida psychologist who is also a stress researcher by the name Nick Hall; he says that anger is a positive thing, not a vice as many people think of it. He says that anger is a useful instrument in anyone’s life that can change life entirely from low to high in terms of how we relate with others and the achievements that we make in life. He also puts it clear that anger has helped us over the centuries including colonization period (Biswas-Diener and Kashdan, 2014). Through this information, we get to know that anger, as well as happiness in our lives, are two essential things that can help us positively if only we use them in the right way. Also, we get to know how anger comes about from the students who survived the horrific shooting which took place in Parkland school which caused the death of most of their fellow students. They stood firm in a courageous way since they needed the matter to get looked into before they got to their normal lessons. We can learn through this that we should not fear to fight for our rights in the vicinity where we know that we are right. The students knew that the killing was the violation of their rights. Anger in the Parkland school survivors is of great importance to both the present generation and the future generation. The vice which happened triggered the anger of the students which made them decide to take action in a courageously way to advocate for their rights after 17 students were horrifically shot dead. The seventeen of their own whose lives got taken included the staff. They were shot by a killer who had no mercy on any individual who he came across. In any nation where there is a government, there are bodies which get concerned with the rights and freedom of the citizens. Through this, the students had to go all over the streets shouting and singing condemning the government for failing to grant them the security they deserve (Baker, 2017). They had to visit even news centers such as the CNN so that their views could reach the targeted bodies within a short time. Anger gets a bad rap partly because in most cases it gets associated with causing violence and destruction. According to the experts. According to the book Anger management: the complete treatment guidebook for practice, Howard who is the core author with R. Chip Tafrate notes that anger seems to be followed by aggression only about 10 percent of the time and lots of aggression occurs without any anger. Anger is a powerful emotion if it does not get handled appropriately, it may bring negative results for the persons who are closest to you as well as yourself. In case of uncontrolled anger, arguments arise which lead to physical fights, physical abuse assault and finally harming oneself. The limitations of anger in most cases are so severe to get avoided. To start with, anger lowers the morale to perform. In cases where one gets angry while he is in the place where he works there are possibilities that the rate at which he usually delivers his duties will get lowered. As a result, the time that is always used for the work will increase which will bring about inconveniences in the management thus reducing the efficiency of the organization (Baker, 2017). Through this, the quality of work will reduce leading to incurrences of loses. Anger also can cause physical effects because anger triggers the change in how the body responds through fight or flight. Other emotions that trigger this response include fear, excitement as well as anxiety. Then the adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones which include adrenaline and cortisol which are very harmful in our body system. This finally brings about health problems since the brain shunts away from the gut and towards the muscles, in preparation for physical exertion. The heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration increases, as well as the body temperature, rises and the skin perspires. Anger is probably beneficial in this context because it raises the student’s sense of control. They will know to limit their adverse effects when they advocate for their views about their fellow students who were innocently shot. In research which was reported in July 2001 Journal of personality and social psychology, she and Dacher found out that angry people had a stronger sense of control compared to those who are not angry. About Tori DeAngelis in the book when anger’s a plus, he says that for those who believe in the Bible, the great philosophers and Chinese fortune cookies say that there are sporadic cases where anger pays (Rodgers, 2014). The psychologists who study about anger say that the red-hot emotion has a positive side. In both studies and clinical work, they find out that the problems which arise from relationships can get clarified by anger. They give people a sense of control during uncertain times. More globally, they note, it can spur the whole culture to change for the better as it was witnessed by the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the suffrage movement of women. Baas says that anger prepares the body to mobilize resources. He says that it tells you that you are in a lousy situation thereby generating energy that can enable you to get out of danger. Anger is the best solution for one to get out of the endangered zone. To understand how this one works, we need to get to ...
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