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Caesar by Plutarch Research Assignemnt Paper (Essay Sample)


the way Plutarch thinks of Caesar as well as provides an opinion of Caesar that is different from his and the rating of Plutarch as a historian regarding insight and objectivity.

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Caesar by Plutarch
Authors need to be objective in writing literary works. In authorship, effective styles of a script should be applied to enhance the appropriateness of the delivered message. Plutarch is reputed for giving an impartial biography of Julius Caesar. This paper analyzes the way Plutarch thinks of Caesar as well as provides an opinion of Caesar that is different from his and the rating of Plutarch as a historian regarding insight and objectivity.
In presenting the life history of Caesar, Plutarch indicates that he was in a precarious situation. His motivational desire for a new glory urged him to make essential changes. It could be interpreted that Caesar deserved the fate that pursued him later for ambition. In particular, it was a cold murder which Caesar did not deserve. Therefore, Caesar's assassination was not necessary. That is why Plutarch becomes more sympathetic to Caeser's situation.
There is a crucial theme of perception that has become more vivid from the evidence presented by Plutarch. The conspirators within the Senate perceived Julius Caesar as a threat to their security and status quo. They risked losing their power and authority, thus decided to end Ceasar's life. This attestation presented by Plutarch could be utilized to come up with with a unique view of Caesar. Indeed, Caesar started developments that were devised for the betterment of his society. Nevertheless, these projects become a basis for assassination of Caesar.
As a historian, Plutarch employed psychology in describing the life of Caesar. In analysing the inner struggles of Caesar Plutarch notes, “it was in fact a sort emulous struggle with himself, as it had been with another, how he might outdo his past actions by his future” (Plutarch). The deeply psychological description used by Plutarch makes a reader contemplate about Caesar regarding the mental struggles which he had to handle. Thus, Plutarch initiates readers to develop personal connections to Caesar while reading the chapter.
Furthermore, Plutarch can be seen as a philosopher in his writing. He discusses the way in which Caesar was killed providing a reflective element. According to Plutarch, the “Fate, however, is to all appearance more unavoidable than unexpected” (Plutarch). Thus, Plutarch uses philosophical perceptions in presenting the life of Caesar.
Moreover, Plutarch utilizes mystical judgements to make the finale of Caesar's biography more tragic. For instance, he discloses that “the place which was destined for the scene of this murder, in which the senate met that day, was the same in which Pompey's statue stood, and was of the edifices w...
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