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Summary of the Content Bad boys by Ann Arnett Ferguson (Essay Sample)


Your book review should be ATLEAST 750 words (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12- inch font). I expect your book review to be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and otherwise well edited. Please refer to the next pages for tips about how to write good book reviews.
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Educational Ethnography Book Review
“Bad boys; public schools in the making of black masculinity” is a book by Ann Arnett Ferguson. The book presents various prevailing perspectives on the challenge of black males in the institutes of the current American society. The book is of interest to instructors, parents, youths, students, and professionals in the sector of American studies. It is also applied in gender studies, social work, sociology and other individuals who focus on how the school system is influencing the next cohort of black boys. Ann Ferguson wrote the book while working as an associate dean of Afro-American studies at Smith College. The essay is a book review that reflects on the theme and key points of each chapter in the book. 
Summary of the Content
Ferguson presents extensive statistics, which indicates that black males in the United States are unduly getting in numerous problems and being expelled from the state school system. “Bad boys” was developed after three years of participant reflection studies in one institution (Ferguson 22). The book provides a broad explanation of the daily relations between the educators and the learners to comprehend this solemn challenge. 
The author shows how eleven and twelve-year-old males are perceived by the institutional staff members as individuals who are destined for the prison system. Ferguson also shows how young people make logic of self under these negative conditions. Arnett Ferguson reflects on the views of the pre-adolescent Black boys (Ferguson 21). She describes how it feels to be branded as unsalvageable by teachers and how the black students endure the school system when the teachers predict their future as “a prison cell with a name on it. “
Ferguson conducted various interviews, and she participated with the young people in the tutorial room, play areas, video arcades, and movie theatre. The author argues that instead of adopting the labels, the young African American boys look disparagingly at schooling, and they assess the implication and inspiration behind the tags which are attached to them. 
The interviews with the boys are also supplemented with the views of the teachers, principals, and students` relatives. Ferguson presents a vivid picture of how the teachers and other authorities in the school system believe in a natural variation of the black children. They also believe in the criminal predisposition of how young black males shape various decisions, and they state that black males are at the risk of failure and severe punishment (Ferguson 19).
“Bad boys” presents various concepts which are based on the research topic of how the American institutional standards and procedures in the education system are used to maintain racial order, and how the racial myths and images shape how people see themselves and others in the racial hierarchy. Ferguson (19) describes race as a system in the society which organizes the social variations and a tool that reproduces inequality in the current US society. She states that racial inequalities in contemporary society can be produced through institutional practices. 
Ferguson points out that punishments in the school system are a site for a closer look at the repetitive institutional practices, personal acts, and cultural authorizations that give influence to racism in a school environment. According to the author, the representation of black masculinity is widespread in the community and schools (Ferguson 18). This is the main reason why black males are perceived as criminals and endangered species. 
“Bad boys” is based on the research question of why the majority of young black children are constantly getting in trouble and being subjected to punishing rooms. The study was conducted at Rosa Parks School. Most of the teachers in the institution were White and female. Rosa Parks School is situated in a center that is mostly known for drug trafficking and high crime rates. 
The research methods which were used to collect the concepts and findings in “Bad boys” are resear

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