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The First African-American to Receive a Ph. D. (Essay Sample)


It will be the Biography reasearch on Marie M Daly. she was American biochemist. She was the first African-American to receive a Ph. D. from Columbia University and the first African-American woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry. Daly made important contributions in four areas of research: the chemistry of histones, protein synthesis, the relationships between cholesterol and hypertension, and creatine's uptake by muscle cells.


The First African-American to Receive a Ph. D.
Marie M Daly
She is well recognized as the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in chemistry from a U.S. institution or university. A scientist by the name of Marie M. Daly was born in the United States. Daly grew up in a household that valued education, and she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry at “Queens College” and “New York University”. At Columbia University, Daly received her Ph.D. in chemistry, making her the first African American woman to get a Ph.D. in the field. She then taught and did research (Editors). A major contribution to our understanding of the human body's functioning was made by Daly. Until her death in 2003, she was a resident of New York.
Daly was born in ‘Queens, New York”, on April 16, 1921. Throughout his life, Daly's family education was important to him because of his deep conviction in it. When Ivan Daly travelled from the West Indies to study chemistry at Cornell University, his daughter, Ivan C. Daly, was born in the United States. However, Due to a lack of cash, she had to leave college and return to his job as a postal worker in New York City. Helen Daly, Daly's mother, grew up in a literary home in Washington, D.C (Editors). Throughout her childhood, she read to her daughter for hours at a time and cultivated her interest in books about science and scientists.
University and College
New York, after graduating from New York City's all-girls Hunter College High School. She chose to remain at home to save money for college, Daly got a job as a lab assistant at her previous institution, as well as an award for her efforts (Huizen). It was because to both of them that she was able to complete her “master's degree” in chemistry at the “New York University” School of Medicine. Daly completed her schooling in the end and didn't waste any time. At Columbia University, she received her doctorate in 1944 after finishing her master's degree only one year earlier. Many men had enlisted in the military during World War II, and firms were eager to hire women to take their places (Huizen). Mary L. Caldwell, a world-renowned scientist, was in charge of Columbia's chemistry department, and she was instrumental in paving the way for women in chemistry.
Receives Ph.D.
He went to Columbia University to explore how chemicals in the body help digest meals. In 1947, she became the first “African American woman” in the United States to get a PhD in chemistry. In 1948, the “American Cancer Society” gave Daly a grant because of his fascination in the human body's complexity (Huizen). As part of the Rockefeller Institute of Medicine, Daly began a seven-year investigation into protein synthesis.

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