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The Red Terror (Essay Sample)


Analysis of an article on the red terror of Stalin and Lenin after the Bolshevik revolution.
The paper connects the red terror and the associated reading the origin of totalitarianism by Hannah arendt


Canvas Reading Assignment 4
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The Red Terror
The contents of the Reading of Red terror seem to substantiate the ideas that Arendt expresses on the nature and use of terror inn totalitarian states. In chapter 1 Arendt avers that the purpose of totalitarian terror is control of the masses as opposed to elimination of the opposition (only). In this regard the terror of the Bolsheviks was seen to be actualised against innocent people. In the readings the author writes that “The majority of the Terror targets were former Tsarist officers and representatives of the Tsarist regime. In addition the Terror stuck against thieves, priests, intellectuals and political activists, and the urban and rural bourgeoisie. He adds that “It was intended to excise, to 'cut out' all enemies of the revolution who had proven incorrigible thus far, but in essence it bore a class character, with its victims selected”(The Red Terror, pp 112)
Arendt avers “Total terror, the essence of totalitarian government, exists neither for nor against men. It is supposed to provide the forces of nature or history with an incomparable instrument to accelerate their movement.” (Arendt chapter 13, 449)I agree with this assertion in because Lenin clearly constructs the terror as an advancement of the greater Bolshevik or Communist ideology he is quoted as supporting the conflict and terror by stating that loyalists should fight 'with the utmost ardour and determination at a time when history demands that the greatest problems of humanity be solved by struggle and war.' (The red Terror pp 111)This is a clear allusion to the terror not in the reality of its devastation but an intentional and necessary step towards the establishment of the Soviet state and advancement of the Bolshevik Revolution.
Further, Arendt states that “in their claim to total explanation, ideologies have the tendency to explain not what is, but what becomes, what is born and passes away. They are in all cases concerned solely with the element of motion,” (Arendt) The Terror and revolts are described in the context of Communist ideology and sought to inspire and charge emotion against the perceived enemies. A good instance of this is the description of the conflict on the state controlled Pravda newspaper on August 30 after a terrorist atta

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