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Transformation in US (Essay Sample)


Explain the transformation in the southern us

Transformation in the US
Disparities in the development between the southern and northern parts of the US triggered the civil war. The southern part that was predominantly inhabited by the blacks who worked in the plantation firms was lagged behind in matters of the development while the north established itself as an industrial economy. The people in the south established a movement to steer secession a move that sparked the civil war (Foner 1).
Although slavery was prohibited, African Americans were being mistreated. They were not allowed to own property nor vote during the elections. Besides, the American judicial system the blacks American citizenship after a series of court battles. This development sparked protests by various civil rights movements that wanted the Africans to be accorded respect. The education system discriminated the blacks since we had special schools for the whites and those for the blacks. Furthermore, the blacks in the south were required to give up their seats in the buses whenever a white man boards the bus, and exclusive places were designated for them in the bus (Brin 1)).
The civil rights movement wedged protests that enhanced the rights of the women. Women were now allowed to do work while...
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