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Digital Forensics and Laws Against Cybercrimes (Essay Sample)


This comprehensive essay SEEKS to analyze the concept of forensic science and its application in cyber security. The essay begins by introducing forensic science and its continued relevance in THE MODERN-DAY. Further, the essay identifies laws against cyber security based on a global outlook. The final aspect of the essay seeks to enhance the relation between CYBERCRIMES, THEIR laws, and forensic science PRACTICES.


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Digital Forensic and laws against cybercrimes
Technology has completely changed how society interacts and conducts business. For instance, in 2001, the e-business revenues totaled $34 billion, and by 2015, the estimated revenue was $340.4 billion. This increase represented a 900 percent increase over the time frame. In a growing digital era characterized by increased use of digital technology and the internet, continued abuse and misuse of these systems have been experienced. This has led to the introduction of digital forensic concepts and laws against cybercrimes. This essay seeks to offer an in-depth analysis of two key concepts; digital forensics and cybercrime laws in the United States. The paper begins by providing a brief introduction to these two concepts. Further, similarities and differences between these concepts are discussed. Lastly, a review of the importance of both concepts to the modern technological world is discussed.
Digital forensics
According to Keeling and Losavio, digital forensic is a “scientific process that involves combining both computer science and elements of law in the collection and analysis of digital systems with the primary goals of collecting evidence admissible in a court of law” (47). Digital forensic is a relatively new discipline that has attracted enormous attention from both the courts and the public. Nevertheless, this progressive discipline has undergone three key phases. The first phase is the Ad Hoc stage or the pre-forensics stage. During this phase, computers were used as mainframe computers, and hence there was a lack of structures, goals, and definitive policies to guide the identification and collection of digital forensic evidence. The second phase was childhood which was predominant between 1995 to 2005 Keeling and Losavio (49). During this phase, there was increased adoption of digital forensic applications, policies, and regulations relating to the misappropriation of computer devices.

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