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Internet and Social Media IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


The IMPACt of internet and social media


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The impact of social media and the internet
Social Media is associated with being a form related to electronic communication via which individuals create various online related communities with a chief aim of sharing information, personal release message, and ideas. (Strasburger 961) There are a variety of types of social media that exist in the current period of digital transformation. Some of the most prominent social media associated websites are Facebook, WhatsApp, snap chat, Twitter, we what, YouTube and Reddit. The identified sites are approximated to possess more than one hundred million individuals who are considered to be registered users. Social media has come along with various impacts that have significantly changed lives of people especially the adolescents. (DeMarco 14) The consequences are negative and also positive. Researchers carried out by different individuals reveal both negative and positive implications. However, it is vital to understand that the parents are involved in controlling the behaviors that adolescents portray in the social media. In this essay, I will discuss and explain various effects that social media has brought along to the adolescents.
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Many parents are worried about technology is exposing the teenagers to significant risks due to the art of indirect communication that takes place whenever they are free. The social media has a lot of information both relevant and irrelevant. (Pace 14) During these occasions when they are on their phones or laptops googling about ideas and Intel, sometimes they end up being engaged in annoying things like pornography which causes the art of immorality to develop among the adolescents. This leads to undesirable sexual behaviors, and adolescents end up engaging drug and alcohol abuse. This has increased the number of adolescents involved in contracting HIV/AIDS. (Rosenthal 154) This is saddening has it is killing massive numbers of teens leaving the old population which limits growth and developments in such nations as a society that is characterized by old population has minimal chances of developing.

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