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Illegal immigration (Essay Sample)


A paper on the illegal migration, the causes of the practice, the risks involved and the methods of illegal immigration.

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Illegal immigration
Illegal immigration is a situation where people move from their home country to one country without permission. Illegal immigration is common in different parts of the world. There are several reasons as to why the action is universal. Below are the reasons for the activity.
Causes for illegal immigration
The search for a favourable economic and labor market is one of the reasons for illegal immigration in the world. Commonly, the immigration pattern is from developing countries to developed countries (Kenney 50). The immigration is usually provoked by the need for people to make enormous economic chances and improved standards of living in a destination country. The perpetrators of illegal immigration try to do so because the gains are more than the costs incurred in the process.
More so, poverty is among the major causes of illegal immigration. People have a habit of moving away from their poverty stricken country because of poor standards of living. For instance, poor infrastructure may cause people to move away from their homes. More so, lack of education and poor health facilities in their home countries make people move to other countries. Additionally people consider emigrating from their home countries in search for greener pastures. They do so to earn enough salary that can sustain them comfortably. For instance, the 1994 economic crisis in Mexico sparked the movement of people to United States of America (Massey 123).
Furthermore, the need for family reunion may trigger illegal immigration. A person requires acquiring a visa before they join their families in other countries. Unfortunately, the process of acquiring visas is hectic, and many people may be tempted to forge visas. This is illegal, and such people can be charged. For instance, acquiring a Britain visa is difficult; therefore, most people may be tempted to forge their visa (Massey 125).
Additionally, wars in different countries can trigger can trigger illegal immigration (Massey 130). Even, though, different destination countries have programs in their policies that can accommodate refugees, some immigrants are yet to be captured like refugees. This people are, therefore, considered illegal immigrants and may be deported. For instance, in Africa, Kenya is one country that host many refugees from war torn neighboring countries like Somalia, Northern Sudan among others most of the immigrants are illegal and yet to be enrolled by Kenya as refugees.
The risks
Some of the illegal immigrants get into prostitution where they are sexually exploited by foreign people in the destination country. Sexual exploitation of illegal immigrants is rampant in Western Europe (Kenney 79).
More so, some immigrants may be forced into slavery. They pushed to offer labor in industries. Some people lose their lives. A good example of this is the la...
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