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We all make mistakes (Essay Sample)


write a critique sampling two articles

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Need for prominence
This is one of the most widely used criteria for making advertisements. This criteria seeks to make a customer feel like they will be admired or respected due to the high social status they will achieve after buying the product. Green observes that “the product in question is made to sound like the must have item for any person to be respected” (87). Terms such as admirable, appealing and must have are often used to describe the product. Most of the times, this criteria is used for electronic goods which are seasonal. For example, mobile phones, tablets or laptops are usually described in this manner.
In the advert for the iPad mini with retina display, the new iPad is made to sound like a must have item for anyone with high social standing. The writer uses words such as amazing to hold and even goes ahead to compare it to a High Definition Television, stating its superiority over the television. This not only makes people want to buy it for its use but for its superiority too. This principle works very well since most people would like to be associated with the more powerful and better iPad mini. The writer also makes sure to mention the increased performance of the iPad mini with retina display terming it as twice as fast in processing power and up to four times graphics performance. With this kind of advertising, a buyer is left with no choice but to consider the new iPad mini model to any other. Therefore, this advertisement scores very highly on the need for prominence criteria.
Need to satisfy curiosity
Human beings are naturally curious beings. Most of the times, advertisers utilize this inquisitive nature of man to attract customers to a product. Hoffman observes that “numbers, diagrams and graphs when used make information seem scientific” (134). In this respect, advertisers will sometimes provide us with quantifiable data or comparisons with other competing devices. Facts and figures about the advertised item are usually provided in a chart like manner for comparison purposes as well as some technical jargon. Rutherfird states that “such figures may not necessarily be true and usually contain some element of exaggeration” (200). In an effort to make the advert appear more technical and complex, specification diagrams may be provided to support claims of the superiority of the product. This works in attracting the more conscious buyer who may want to have more technical information before buying the item.
The advertisement for the iPad mini with retina display plays well with the curiosity criteria. It features many references to facts and figures that the iPad mini possess for all to see. The advert goes even further to compare the new iPad mini with retina display to the old iPad mini in terms of performance size and connectivity. The writer clearly mentions the screen size, then goes on to give the resolution the screen supports. More figures are provided such as the pixels per inch, the architecture of the processor used as well as the CPU performance and graphics performance. Further down, the writer gives the projected batter time as well as the number of apps that have been specifically tailored for the iPad mini. All these details may seem unimportant to a normal buyer but hold great value in the eyes of a tech savvy buyer. Most young buyers will want to know how the new device compares with the older models in the market. All in all, the need for curiosity is well exploited in this advert.
Need for aesthetic sensations
People are by nature attracted to beauty and aesthetics. Advertisers are also well aware of this fact and they exploit it to their advantage in many ways. In order to capture the att...
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