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TourismSavings in Cost in Acquiring New Convection Oven (Essay Sample)


The task was about Completing the last section of the proposal 3 parts (conclusion, customer satisfaction and recommendations).Ffill information in the remaining sections based on the provided guidelines. the topic of the sample was about purchasing a new oven for a care faility.


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Summary/Savings in Cost
There are several short-term and long-term benefits of purchasing a new oven for Seven Oaks Long Term Care Facility, operators, and residents. In recent years, the facility has been spending huge sums to repair and maintain the current 17-year-old convection oven. These recurring expenditures have affected the kitchen department's performance since most allowances are spent on maintenance. However, with the purchase of the new Rational Combi, the facility will up its production game, and in two years, there will be an upward trajectory in terms of profit and savings to pay for its cost. In particular, the new device will allow the facility to perform automatic cooking, thanks to its auto-switch automatic features. Due to the Combi’s automatic cooking features, customers will enjoy well-cooked and quality meals that meet the required standards. The automatic features will reduce human errors that are currently experienced with the current convection oven, and this will improve customer satisfaction. Customers will also enjoy various meals prepared by the Combi, improving their satisfaction rates. Lastly, the automatic features of the Combi 

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