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Cherokee Removal Mathematics & Economics Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Consider the following statement: “In preparing for the Cherokee removal, state and federal officials were motivated solely by desire to seize the natives’ land.” In your post, consider the following:
Does this statement present the full picture? Revise this statement to present a more complex explanation of the motivations that drove state and federal officials (and the white citizens of Georgia) during the years immediately preceding the Cherokee removal. Explain the choices you made in your revision.
Next, consider how you can take a similar approach to your own topic in order to more fully understand the historical complexity. What other viewpoints would you want to further explore in order to more fully understand your topic?


Cherokee Removal
Cherokee removal refers to the forceful relocation of the Cherokee nation by the state and the federal officials. Cherokee was an uncivilized nation in the early seventeen century (Smithers 60). They used the law of blood to punish individuals. In order to be seen as social equals by the other nations, they abandoned their ways and became civilized. The United States army under the orders of President Martin forceful pushed a relocation of the Cherokee nation to the territory of Indian.
The state and the federal officials did not only want the Cherokee’s ancestral land but they also wanted the benefits that accompanied the land. It was around the same time that gold was discovered on the land of Cherokee. It is believed that in the year 1828 an individual of Cherokee nation was deer hunting when he overturned a stoned only to discover that it was gold. This gold attracted the white man into their land (Mooney 128). 

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