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Benefits of Using Renewable Sources of Energy Instead Of Oil and Coal (Essay Sample)


to explain the benefits of using renewable sources of energy over non-renewable sources of energy


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Benefits of Using Renewable Sources of Energy Instead Of Oil and Coal.
Recently, there has been various problems in the supply of energy sources that are conventional, hence it is not a surprise to the fact that many nations have become more interested in using renewable sources of energy so as to satisfy their increased demand for energy (Renewable Energy in the Iea: Preparing Today for the Needs of Tomorrow: Report to the United Nations Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Nairobi, August 2008). Renewable energy is plentiful and reliable and there is possibility of it being very cheap following the improvement of infrastructure and technology. It is worth noting all renewable sources are obtained from nature, thus they can be replenished constantly. Replacing the use of non-renewable energy with renewable energy would help us in replacing sources of energy that are carbon intensive, hence reducing the emissions of global warming.
Renewable energy helps to improve environmental quality and public health. Hydroelectric, wind and solar system are an excellent generator of electricity without polluting the air. In addition to that, solar and wind energy does not require presence of water for them to operate, thus they do not result to water pollution or strain water supply highly competing systems for drinking water, agriculture among other crucial needs for water (Johansson, Kelly, Reddy, and Williams, 2011). Furthermore, the emitted air from natural gas plants and coal is associated with respiratory problems, cancer and neurological damage. With wind and solar as source of energy, you will not be worried about water discharge hence making these kind of energy source an excellent option to consider.
Renewable energy sources provides job opportunities and other economic advantages. Renewable energy industry requires the use of more labour than it is the case with non-renewable energy industry which requires capital intensive and mechanized technologies, hence less jobs. It is also worth noting that the increased use of renewable energy provides other crucial development in the economy. For instance, owners of renewable energy projects give the government income taxes. Furthermore, renewable energy projects helps in keeping the money in circulation within the economy. In most cases the production of renewable electricity helps in reducing the burden of spending more money on importation of natural gases and coal.
Renewable energy sources are easily accessible, reliable, safe and stable. This is due to the fact that reserves for natural gas, oil and coal are hidden and finite, hence accessing them requires high technology, effort and time (Hester and Harrison, 2009). However, renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and water are easily available. There are various factors such as politics, wars, and inflation that determine the daily cost of oil, unlike renewable energy that is locally available. Renewable energy is not associated with most safety concerns that surround nonrenewable energy, like coal mine collapse, oil platform explosions.
Replacing the use of non-renewable energy with renewable energy would help us in replacing sources of energy that are carbon intensive, hence reducing the emissions of global warming (Hester and Harrison, 2006). Natural non-renewable sources of energy such as oil, natural gas, coal and petroleum take many years for them to form. Currently, the consumption of these resources is very compared to their formation rate. Therefore, very soon these resources would be depleted completely. Apart from that, there would be an increased price due to contracting supply and increased demand. It is therefore important that nations start thinking about renewable sources such as water, wind and sun as the alternative energy sources.

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