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Climate change in USA (Essay Sample)

Climate change in the USA. What is it, where is is more pronounced ,its impact, its advantages, and how avoid it source..
Name Professor Course Date Climate Change in the USA Climate change are common terms in modern environmental talks all over the world, and they are used to refer to any significant change in elements used to measure climate that last for an extended period of time. Climate change involves changes in patterns and amounts of precipitation, temperature, and wind that occurs and lasts for more than a decade (Mendelsohn and Neumann). The world’s climate is changing slowly and this has been evidenced by the rising global temperatures, melting snow in permafrost regions and shifting rainfall patterns. Recently, America has experienced extreme weather events such as record high temperatures and heavy rainstorms that are adversely affecting natural ecosystems and the society at large. For the past one century, the temperature of the earth has raised by an average of 1.4 degree F, with projections indicating that it will rise by approximately 8 degree F over the next century (Cook). American scientists have maintained that human activities such as burning of fossil fuels are the major contributors of the observed climatic changes since they have been responsible for accumulation of green house gases in the atmosphere. A closer study of climate change in USA will enable a better understanding of its effects. Generally, small changes of average global temperature translate to great and potentially dangerous alterations of global weather and climate. These potentially dangerous changes have been evident in the recent years in America with raising cases of droughts, floods, hurricanes, and frequent heat waves and unpredictable intense rainfall (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The planet’s oceans and glaciers have not been either spared as oceanic water has been turning more acidic and warm. The permafrost ice and mountains icecaps have melted and resulted to rise in sea level, posing risk to the future of coastal towns and their inhabitants. The current trend shows that these changes will become more severe and pronounced in the future and they are likely to pose more challenges to social welfare and the environment. At the onset of industrialization and urbanization in the wake of 19th century, human activities had rapidly resulted to accumulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Majority of these greenhouse gases are products of burning fossils to produce energy. Other contributing activities include deforestation, agricultural practices and industrial processes that emit gases to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases have blanketing or greenhouse effects to the atmosphere as they allow shorter wave solar radiations into the atmosphere but disallow the energy the radiations out, trapping excess energy in the atmosphere making it extraordinarily warm (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Though the greenhouse effects are natural and to some extent necessary for life on earth, greenhouse gases accumulation can potentially alter the global climate and adversely affect human welfare and health. Apart from the negative effects that accompany climatic changes, global warming, which is a result of climate change, has made and will continue making the United States a better place to live. To begin with, agricultural production is highly likely to receive a big boost since the carbon dioxide gas in question is essential for plant growth and development. Also, melting of ice is likely to open vast tracks of land in North American region for agricultural activities, further strengthening the country’s agricultural productivity (Cook). Melting of ice will as well open North American region and the Great Lake region for commercial activities since new trading routes will be opened in the region. In another perspective, global warming results to warmer winters and more health particularly for vulnerable population such as the aging among others. On environmental circles, global warming will lead to increased forest growth and greener rainforests in US equatorial regions such as the southern region. Due to high industrialization, United States has highly been affected by the increasing rates of green house gases accumulation and if unchecked, the trend threatens the welfare of the generations to come. Though climate changes may display some positive effects, the net effect of climatic change is negative by the year 2050. Crop yields are predicted to rise significantly due to longer growing periods and higher levels of carbon-dioxide. In addition, predicted decline of ice cover on the great lake region of Saint Lawrence Sea Way is likely to positively boost the economy of the area by lengthening the commercial shipping seasons (Rosenberg and Edmonds). On the other hand, the Great Lakes region is likely to suffer from invasive species such as algae that would counter the gains made f...
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