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How Do Culture and Environment Influence One's Life? (Essay Sample)


The task to discuss how culture and environment can influence one's life. The paper has exhaustively highlighted how the environment can influence one's culture for instance,they limit or avail a wide variety of implements on which culture is dependent.

"How Do Culture and Environment Influence One’s Life?"
From a tender age, children interact with objects and people and begin to develop systematic responses to situations and conditions. During the first weeks after birth, the natural attachment to the mother is instinctively implanted into the child and assures their survival. Culture is formed immediately the child begins to reproduce systematic responses to conditions in the environment or initiating actions or dispositions of their own. Nevertheless, in the broader sense, the child grows up in a wider domain of culture and environment, which is accessible yet external to their immediate surroundings. Throughout life, the individual keeps a balance between what they permit themselves to acquire from culture and the environment through processes of active and potent interactions.
Within the environment, there are a number of constraints and opportunities for the manifestation of one’s personality or individuality. For the purposes of survival, the individual learns to take advantages of opportunities and disdains the sanctions, which might deter their welfare. They need good nourishment, they need associations with families and friends, and they need to exercise a wide breadth of primordial instincts. Lifestyle and welfare of the individual gets a shape that befits the systems of pleasure and pain that are contained in their environment. Nevertheless, in the context of contemporary post industrial society, a lot of modifications have been attended to the environment with the effect that human welfare is technologically predictable.
The society refers to the immediate and potent groups of personal attachment and affiliations with people that present and regulate the life chances of members. According to Chan (34), those born in a Chinese society are distinctively different from those born in the United States. Behavioral alterations may occur as a result of learning, but given traceable dispositions often thrive as a result of acculturation. Culture is leant through a number of consistent interactions with people and the environment. The industrial society configures institutions of learning, religions and the family unit as basic sources of cultural learning. Without culture, individuals would be uncontrollable, anti-social and chaotic because they lack a consistent internal locus of control.
Environments influence cultures considerably because they limit or avail a wide variety of implements on which culture is dependent. For instance, urban environments are densely populated; urban dwellers often survive on a highly commercial welfare compared to rural dwellers. Such conditions influence dispositions to feeding, clothing, housing and entertainment. Moreover, there is overdependence on technologies for communication, working and living unlike the rural areas. The impact of these implements can create an altered disposition in terms of attitudes, levels of income, health and well be...
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