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Impact on Social Life if one Gets Pregnant at a Tender Age (Essay Sample)


impact on social life if one gets pregnant at a tender age

Pregnant at 15
I was barely the age of fifteen when I got pregnant with a stranger. I was still a student, and this brought such a tremendous burden on me. Situations had changed so drastically, and I felt that life was playing a cruel trick on me. It is hard to conceptualize the idea of being expectant at my tender age and while still in school. I kept wondering what my friends, family, and society would regard of me. My mind was always busy as I tried to figure out what to do and I contemplated committing suicide at some point because I saw myself as a total failure and disgrace of the family. I lost my self-esteem and dignity due to the situation. I was the subject of ridicule and mockery among my mates. Keeping the pregnancy was bad because with time, I had to forego my studies to deliver and raise the child, and so I chose to have the baby adopted after birth.
The pregnancy was as a result of a rape incident by a stranger. I had visited a friend who lived in a town away from home to attend her birthday party. The party took place during the night, and there were several invitees. My friend was from an affluent family, and her parents were on vacation, and so there was absolutely no supervision at the party. Alcohol was among other drinks available and to my surprise; some of the teenage invitees had brought addictive drugs with them. I was so naïve and did not want to engage in alcohol and drugs, so I opted to settle for fresh fruit juice. As the party progressed, a young man came up to me and invited me to have a dance to which I reluctantly agreed. After dancing to our satisfaction, he offered me a glass of alcohol but I told him I could only take juice or water, and so he offered to bring me fruit juice. True to his word he brought me a glass which I drunk so fast to quench my thirst. I began to feel dizzy and little did I know that he put some drug in the glass of juice. Early next morning, I found myself in bed with him, and he constantly talked about the good time he had with me. I left in disbelief and returned to my parent’s house and in a month’s time I realized I was pregnant. It then occurred to me that the rape incident took place while I was unconscious.
Due to the effects early motherhood would have had on my studies, I decided to carry on with the pregnancy and have the baby adopted after birth. Being a mother would mean that I had to forego my studies to fulfill my duties to the child. Therefore, I continued to study while pregnant and when it was time to deliver the baby I took some time off school. I delivered safely and kept my decision to have the baby adopted for me to complete my studies. However, being in school while pregnant proved to be a tough task and it helped me reflect on the difficulties I would face if I chose to raise the child and continue ...
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