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Difficulties in Studying Effects of Drugs on Prenatal Development (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses on the difficulties that researchers have when trying to study the effects that drugs have on prenatal development. the paper discusses three primary difficulties; ethics, social and genetic factors also affecting prenatal development and legal liabilities that accompany the study.


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Difficulties in Studying Effects of Drugs on Prenatal Development
Observation and experiment are the two most accurate ways to study something. However, researchers cannot use any of these methods to study the effects of drugs on prenatal development. Researchers intentionally giving drugs, whether harmful or not to an expecting mother is unethical and illegal. Also, since genetics and socioenvironmental affect prenatal growth, it becomes hard to study the effects of drugs.
One reason it is challenging to study the specific effects of drugs on prenatal development is the different factors that also affect prenatal development. Since developing infants cannot be subjected to just one substance, it is challenging to highlight how or what substance in a drug affects the fetus. Also, genetics and socio-environmental factors actively affect prenatal development, 

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