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Impacts of Hunger, Starvation and Death in Africa and How to Save a Dozen of People (Essay Sample)


Explaining a moral theory that aligns with your decision-making process.
Suppose you have an opportunity to either: (1) send $800 to Africa to save a dozen people from starvation or (2) give the money to your little sister to buy books for college. Which would you do? Why?


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In Africa, conditions are deteriorating with many lives estimated at 7 million at risk due to starvation and another 33.8 million experience food insecurity. Again, nearly 12.8 million children are malnourished, especially in the East Africa region (Reid). Notably, lack of access to nutritious food is devasting to the entire communities, especially children. And many organizations continue to marshal resources to support the vulnerable groups across Africa to minimize and ultimately stop the catastrophic impacts of hunger, starvation, and death. Given the chance to donate $800 and save lives from starvation, I would gladly oblige instead of buying books for my sister for her coll 

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