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Buddhism (Essay Sample)


Buddhism. Understanding the Buddhism religion.

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Its main emphasis is on ethical factors. It also believes that unfriendly laws and not God as the creator govern the universe (Bullen 1). In this religion, prayer is not basic etiquette. However, much emphasis is put on devotion as a religious obligation. This is seen as a way of expressing gratitude to its initiator and a mean of self-awareness.
Moreover, faith has a different meaning in this religion. A human faith should not be because Buddha based on works, or because other believes in it (Bullen 1). A person may be in agreement with Buddha’s doctrines. However, the acceptance of such doctrines should be based on reasons. This means that any agreement with the religion should be based on blind acceptance.
Buddhism is comprised of various doctrines. One of such is the four notable concepts. These are regarded as instrumental to the teaching of religion. These four concepts are believed to be contained in one thought (Barnhill 1). These encompass the problem, the cause, the ideal, and the way (Barnhill 1). They describe the nature and completion of a challenge or problem.
The other doctrine is on reality. This means that there is shared conditioning of the occurrences. There is also fact of non-self. This means desires exist as one is deluded about reality (Sangha 1). In addition, as individuals are different from the world, there are some things to desire and fear. The other doctrine states that there is no permanent thing. This means that everything will occur and go out. This is because all things are in progress. This means that it is the closeness and desires that cause ones suffering. The other serious principle is on the value of nature. This means that nature is valued highly. This means that nature can serve as a way to enlightenment, or act as a source of ones attachment (Pecorino 1).
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