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Budhism Religion Paper (Essay Sample)


The task required one to to discuss the Buddhism religion. The sample discusses the origin and various practices in the Buddhism religion.

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Buddhism Idea of Ahimsa
Ahimsa originated from the movement of opposing animal sacrifice which was started by the Buddha and Mahavira the founders of Jainism. They are also referred to as Nigganta Natha Putta. Phelps, (29) defines Ahimsa as the non violence and kindness towards all living things including animals. During Buddha’s time Brahmins practiced many kinds of sacrifices; they were the priests of Vedic religion which was professed by the upper castes of the Indian society. These sacrifices were of no value to the Buddha, simply because they were entirely external rites. If someone spoke of a right sacrifice it often meant something that was either internal or spiritual.
However, this was not very harmful in the eyes of Buddha useless activity. The priests of Vedic also performed and advocated various types of cruel animal sacrifices like the man, drink of victory, Horse, and Bolt withdrawn sacrifices. These sacrifices were rejected by the Buddha under no uncertain terms. For example, there is a time when the king of Kosala wanted to give a great sacrifice to the budhaa but he declined. In another situation the Budha reported that any person who kills and declared innocent, Brahmins should kill him (Phelps, 100).
From Buddhas’ point of view there are exist four types of persons. They include people who torture themselves, those who torture others, those who torture themselves ...
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