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Functionalist And Conflict Approach By Karl Marx: Outlook Education (Essay Sample)


The paper describes the religious and educational institutions using the functionalist and conflict approach.


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Functionalist and Conflict Approach
The conflict approach by Karl Marx views religion as a phenomenon of human behavior which functions with the aim of upholding social discrimination by offering a worldly perception that defends oppression. Functionalists think that religion is a conservative force which operates as an agency of socialization. Conflict approach states that education aims to promote social inequality and conserve the power of the people who rule the nation while functionalists view educational institutions as socialization agencies. This paper will describe the religious and educational institutions using the functionalist and conflict approach.
Functionalists outlook education as the most significant social bodies in the community. They think that education promotes the manifest and latent functions. The manifest are the seen and intended roles in school while the latent are the invisible and unplanned tasks in schooling. The visible duties in education include socialization and Emile Durkheim believes that educational institutions are socialization agencies which help students relate to each other and prepare them for adulthood. Through socialization in the schools, children can learn the rubrics and various cultural norms of the society. Education institutions also teach students on the conformism of the law and respect for authority. The respect students give to the teachers helps them live in harmony in the school surrounding, and this prepares the students for the world and workplace relations with others. An instructor's authority to the students is one of the ways which education institutions achieve the social control function ((Levinson, et al. 267). Education institutions also teach college students on the social placement where they are motivated to study the areas which will be of more advantage to their social ladder.

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