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Hinduism Versus Buddhism (Essay Sample)


The task was to compare Hinduism and Buddhism, enumerating the similarities and differences between the two religions. The assignment explained the aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism that are present in each religion as well as in what ways the two religions differ. The similarities included the concept of Karma, Dharma, and reincarnation. The differences lay in the varied aims and the number of deities WORSHIPED in each of the two religions.


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Similarities and Differences between Hinduism and Buddhism
Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the world’s five major religions. They are also some of the most ancient and widely practiced religions. Buddhism developed as an alternative religion to Hinduism by and for people who were seeking an answer to the oppression of orthodoxy and tradition which they believed was perpetrated in the name of religion (Jangubhai and Nandan 29). Thus, the sharing of a common foundation makes the two religions similar in several aspects. However, they also have stark differences emanating from their varied principles of gods, souls, goals, and death rituals.

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