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Logical Argument (Essay Sample)


to provide a philosophical explanation about the existence of God

Logical Argument
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Logical Argument
Our lives are full of choices and decisions about what to believe. Each one of us prefers to believe what is true we do not always agree on what is actually true. We acquire most of our persuasions and principles in life through random means instead of reason, meaning all of us believe that those convictions are important (Hodges 23). Although certain statements and prepositions make up an argument, not all the statements contain some form of truth. In the case of logic or the logician, such statements can be either true or false, as the conversation shows. A reason is necessary for whatever outcome one takes (Hodges 23). The logician therefore tries to justify the condition under which something exists in order to make a logically relevant conclusion.
The existence of God
From the conversation, it is clear that the existence of God is necessary. An example is the logician’s statement that the laws of logic are an inherent necessity that one cannot alter (Hodges 23). They exist independent of the mind that is contemplating them. He is also of the opinion that something cannot be true and false at the same time, it has to be either and not both. This only means that either God exists or does not exist. One must give logical reason for whatever choice they make (Hodges 23). The question then becomes, how do we possibly make an account for the existence of something? When it comes to the existence of God, logic cannot prove His existence. Using logical reasoning, we find that God’s existence is necessary because God is the greatest being and it is therefore better to exist by necessity than by contingence. As a result, it would be impossible for God not to exist. In this argument, the existence of God is an analytical statement that cannot prove and need not prove (Kneale & Kneale 65).
Rationale for the argument
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