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Religion & Theology
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Natural Theology Demonstration From Aquinas’ View Point (Essay Sample)


What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Cite specific passages to support your beliefs and provide detailed examples to support your opinions.
What challenges do you anticipate with implementing culturally & linguistically responsive instruction? What are some solutions to overcoming these challenges?
Create a plan for implementation of culturally & linguistically responsive instruction, including your grade (12th Grade) and content area of licensure (Technology Applications.) Explain how this book can be used as a resource in your plan. Reflect on your own biases that could stand in the way of effective implementation. How will you use the resources included in the appendices?
The book is Culturally and Linguistically - Responsive Teaching and Learning. I can supply this book electronically if need be.


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Aquinas on Natural Theology
Natural theology is a set of arguments that attempt to explain and prove God's existence. The existence of God is frequently justified by the world's order, beauty, and intellectual factors. The two main issues of natural theology are knowledge of God's existence derived through human reason (so-called natural knowledge of God) and knowledge of God's existence revealed to humanity by God Himself.
Knowledge of God may be through rational demonstration. Demonstration from Aquinas’s view point is a form of thinking that yields conclusions that are sure and necessary for those who know the truth. It will also reveal God’s important attributes such as His omni potency, infinity, immutability, self-sufficiency among others. However, Aquinas does not lay claim that these efforts will give us all the knowledge about the nature of God but he thinks that humans thinking in a logical way can illuminate some of what the Christian faith professes.

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