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Religion & Theology
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Personal Thoughts on Religion Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


THE TASK INVOLVED RELIGION.the sample simply talks about views on religion.

Personal Thoughts on Religion
Every single person in the world believes in something. Religion is about believing in a superior power. People belong to different religions ranging from Islamic, Christianity, Hindu, and even pagan among others. All these religions aim at explaining supernatural events while others such as pagan question the existence of a higher power. There are deep divisions in the types of religious beliefs, for example, views of social and biblical issues. Believing in the existence of a greater power is what makes religion such a fascinating subject, and as such this essay seeks to present personal thoughts and feelings on the subject matter of religion.
Jesus was a great philosopher as well as thinker, whose teachings came at a time of brutality, oppression, and aggression. During this time, religion was politicized, which in turn gave religious leaders power and influence. Jesus taught by means of persuasion and reasoning, using parables or stories to demonstrate points. They were appealing to most people’s experience and encouraged them to show humanity towards each other. It is important that the teachings were not dependent on authority rather they were based on understanding and seeing the good in one another. Seeing the good means social justice, selflessness, and fairness to others.
The philosophical teachings were not based on whims or random ideologies based on personal opinion. The teachings were founded on reason, understanding that common good is best achieved through truthful acts. It would be more successful if people saw why it should be so. Essential to the philosophy is justice and equality, which Jesus illustrates through social examples in the form of parables. It is human to treat others as one would wish to be treated; Jesus shares this opinion and encourages it in the movement. It is possible that the teachings are linked with today’s Christianity beliefs; both support consideration of others and demand equality as the order of the day. Over the passing of time, the teachings were adapted as commands and faith became stronger than reason, and moral authority was required by those who had religious and political influence.
Morality and divine authority eliminated social justice and reasoning, replacing them with faith. Faith had already been reached by reason and equality, which was an important conclusion if the man was to learn how to think independently. This is appealing to most people because it is essential goodness and not only based on divine authority that they are willing to follow. The belief in Christian principals has resulted not just because they were started by Jesus but because people have recognized the sense in them.
The question of whether one believes in God does not signify rejection but rather a reaction to an individual’s experience. At the time when Jesus was preaching, Christianity faced a lot of brutality instilling fear in the followers, while in the present day it has been easily accepted. It has built a society based on mutual respect and consideration. It is an individual opinion that there is an existence of a certain balance about life visible in long run, some people call it fait or destiny, which does not mean supporting the notion that the things that happen are written.
It is an observation that the man feels the want to believe in something. Religion involves looking at the superior being as a source of guidance and wisdom. With the development of various philosophies, criticism, and skepticism, people have turned away from the traditional church values and religion in general. How...
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