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Salvation According to Christians (Essay Sample)


An understand of salvation according to Christians. MLA Double space.

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Christianity is a religions group that believes in one mighty God in three divine natures that is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. It believes in a book known as the Bible which is said to be written by a diverse number of several writers directed by the Holy Spirit as there are prophecies that are written and fulfilled at different time within the Bible. The Bible has two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is how life began; the beginning of sin and it has also many authors prophesying the coming of God the son in form of human being (Isaiah 9:6). It was prophesied that He shall come to save humans from sin and written in the book of life to have a chance to live back in paradise where the first man lived that is Adam and Eve before they sinned and were chase away. The New Testament talks about how the prophecy was fulfilled; how the son of God was born on earth by Virgin Mary; how He started His work on earth; miracles He did to establish the righteous kingdom and how He died for our sin in order for us human to be saved (Luke).
Salvation is the act of being saved from sin and according to Jesus’ teachings a person had to be saved from sin to inherit the kingdom of God (Matthew 19: 24). Sin is the reason we were separated from God as Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit that God told them not eat. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden and were to eat anything in that garden except from the middle tree for its fruits were forbidden. Satan who was thrown out of the kingdom of God for wanting to overthrow Him from His kingdom came to Eve inform of a snake and told her if she eats from that tree they shall become as God and Eve fell for it and eat the fruit, gave it to Adam and he also eat. Out of this sin was experienced and both Adam and Eve became naked and when God knew it Adam and Eve plus the snake were cursed (Genesis 3). Also the beginning of death and other human suffering originated from there as the bible says the punishment of sin is death (Romans 6:23). For you to have a great relationship with God you have to stop sinning and live a righteous life as he or she is serving a perfect God and thus you shall be saved from the consequence of sins.
Christians believe in life after death. They believe that after someone dies there shall come a time that God shall judge us according to our sins and according to the judgments, one shall either receive an eternal life in paradise or burn forever with everlasting fire in hell. No one wants to burn in hell everybody wants to have an eternal life in Heaven, a life with no suffering and beautiful nature including living peaceful with wildlife but no one wants to take that action and keep God’s commandments because we are all blinded by the lustful things for this world as Jesus said the road to Heaven shall be extremely narrow and that to Heaven shall be extremely wide. Only a few shall be saved and those that keep the word of God in their hearts and mind shall receive the eternal happiness.
The first step a Christian would ever make is to believe in God and sanctify Him into your heart and be the reason for hope whenever you are going through any difficult time. A prison warden who had held Paul and Silas in the jail asked them what he must do to become saved. They replied that someone should believe in Jesus Christ and surely he or she shall be saved from Godâ€&trad...
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