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Biology Essay (Essay Sample)



Various features such as reproduction, growth, nutrition, respiration, movement, sensitivity, and excretion characterize all living organism. Organisms and bacteria that are single-celled keep on reproducing either sexually or not- sexually. The increase in size and the shape of the organism caused by the consumption of food is permanent nutrition. The process by which the organism obtains the nutrients from the food .consumed. Respiration occurs when energy is released from the food that has been broken down through the process of digestion by the organaism.movement can be slow or fast depending on it being an animal or a plant. The plants exhibit different ways of movement either upwards or sideways. The ability to sense and respond to stimuli such as temperature, light, water, classifies a creature as living (Kadhila, p.3)
R in the formulae represents a hydrocarbon group that is made up of hydrogen and is important to be included in the sketch because it holds together the atoms.Carboxyl found in the fatty acids and amino acids .hydroxyl found in the carbohydrates and the alcohols. Phosphates are found in the DNA and the atp.and the amino is found in the amino acids. The phosphate molecule is not soluble in water at standard temperature and pressure.
Planet X, in this case, is similar to planet earth with the exception of carbon, the reason for this exception is the fact that carbon combines with other molecules that are harmful to the planet X and the only compound that is not harmful and organic are Amino acids. The inorganic compounds produce by the covalent bonds produce by Carbon Dioxide that is not only organic but if consumed may kill organic compounds.
Life on planet X is made up of four organic molecules; the organic molecules are what classify things in Planet X as living or non-living. The carbon in the planet X is the backbone while the hydrogen atoms attach carbon molecule. The creation of innumerable compounds that can survive on earth is dependent on the ability of the atoms to attach themselves to one another. Organisms on earth require four different types of organic molecules, which comprises of lipids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and proteins. The existence of these organic molecules determines the existence of life. The basis for determining whether things in Planet X are living or not is determined by the four molecules. Lack of any of these molecules renders the object non-living.
Non-polar amino acids on planet X is of harmful nature sinc...
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