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Middle Management of A Community-Based Program is Vital (Essay Sample)


the task was about wellness programs and how they are important to any given organization. it also described how diversity and inclusivity are important to the process of selecting wellness programs. employees have the right to freely express their needs and opinons in relation to the new community based programs. the leader plays a major role and that is what leads to understanding of community based programs .


Middle Management of A Community-Based Program is Vital

Wellness programs are essential for any developed community-based program. In this regard, middle management of a community-based program is vital. Middle management entails employees and other stakeholders not at the helm of leadership in any given institution. In such situations, the project's leaders should be prepared to guide employees and encouragement in a bid to achieve wellness and create a culture of positive attitudes. Well-being at the place of the workplace has a ripple effect beyond the project that is to be started. For this to work, program leaders need to understand the need for compartmentalization. The project manager can help employees and other subjects to know how to work and implement the project instead of making the project all about the employees. It will loosen the pressure of achieving targets before they are even realized. When the management supports employees, they can efficiently work towards achieving the objectives of the community-based program. A case in point is the manager trying to help the employees understand the project. When they clearly understand what it is, they will work with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that workplace health-related programs are a success. The manager will encourage their team to take on the health promotion programs and other offerings (WellRight 2018).

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