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Philosophy discussion (Essay Sample)


The task was to justify the notion that morality depends on an individual goodness and not the society. This sample has listed out a number of issues that would justify this notion.

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Moral goodness involves special values, which an individual is expected to uphold. These values involve or entails and doing the right thing and for the right reasons. These two values translate into one essential ethical aspect referred to as goodwill. A good will is meant for godless or morally right practices. This implies that all activities within the society should adhere to good will requirements based on the situation environment. A better understanding of good will as a moral principle must involve the analysis of various classes of actions considered to be morally good. From a moral perspective actions are classified based on the basis of the kind motivational factors. This classification includes from duty, for further end and immediate inclination.
From Duty
Actions of individuals within the society are motivated by various factors. From duty is one area, which motivates an individual to undertake certain actions. This motivation factor is based on what an individual is expected to do. This implies that one will do something for a reason fulfilling the duty in the right way. It is a motivation which generated or derived from a duty on someone. For example, it is the duty of any student abide by all school regulations, due to this most student will make sure they maintain the regulations in the right manner.
For Further End
People have different expectations or desires within the modern society. These expectations and desires act as motivational factors towards acting morally or doing things right. Taking the case of a student who want to pass exams, this student must attend classes and undertake private studies to gain more knowledge so as to pass exams. In this case, the need to pass exams is the further motivation factor compelling t...
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