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There is no hope for doing perfect research (Essay Sample)


There is no hope for doing perfect research

There is no hope for doing perfect research
Research entails investigative examination about a given topic and eventually giving findings to the given topic. Research is a paramount task in each field. Discoveries ought to be made. This gives a basis to new inventions in life. This implicates that study has a fundamental position in life. Research work develops anticipation, purpose and desire to search for new happenings and answer upcoming questions (Hallway 9).The hope for perfect research shrinks when a particular research is subject to scrutiny and recommendations. The research conducted today ought to be rectified in future. This modification implicates that the investigation is not perfect. This fact diminishes the hope of perfect research. All researches are subject to rectification, criticism as well as examination (Wallis 15).
For instance, a research in the reasons for female adults in using contraceptives, the researcher was genuine and required answers to establish facts. In this scenario, the researcher has to undertake a consultation in the society. This is an effective mechanism to obtain feedback from the society. Nevertheless, this mechanism is prone to biased responses from the society. These responses will be attributable to the individuals’ reaction in the society. In this scenario, the researcher establishes facts that are unreliable. This factor results to imperfect conclusions that diminish the prospects of perfect research (Wallis 22). Perfect research entails faultless facts that are satisfactory. This implicates that rectifications and auxiliary exploration are not required. In obtaining first hand data, the researcher might not conduct deep investigation. The results for this research do not match the stipulations for perfect investigation. This highly shrinks the panorama of perfect research (Hallway 9).
Biasness is a key disablement to faultless research. The researcher’s attitude towards the topic of study matters. A negative and discriminative attitude results to imperfect research. Another discouragement for perfect research arises during advanced research. The scrutiny and rectification of the first hand fact deviates the facts. The conclusions of this research are immensely distorted. If the primary conclusions were accurate, the secondary research alters the positive results. Inaccurate and unstable facts arise from the secondary investigation and appraisal. Alternatively, the researchers have diverse objectives towards the research. The research might share a topic but the motives differ. The assorted motives of the researchers result to different conclusions. The dis...
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