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Well-being of Society and Questioning Authority (Essay Sample)


The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authority.


The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authority.
A society is a constantly evolving mass, one with dynamic rules and ideas and opinions from the people who make up that mass. A society can only evolve if individuals continue to raise probing questions about how it operates on a daily basis. This provides us with significant insights into the subject and also provides us with a new viewpoint or alternative way of looking at the issues confronting our society. It makes sense that the more interested citizens are about their country and leaders, the less likely dictatorship and deception will develop. However, the question of whether or not public intervention in governmental matters is actually a factor of well-being is a somewhat vexing one. Personally, I believe that it is worthwhile for individuals to engage in major government decisions, even if this does not always result in their well-being.
The act of challenging authority is beneficial because people are constantly required to evaluate the validity of existing laws and regulations. It is true that occasionally those in positions of authority do not always act in the best interests of society. Sometimes challenging authority is necessary because it has the potential to spark the start of a revolution in order to develop or improve something. Numerous historical examples demonstrate this notion, ranging from political revolutions to overturn a brutal regime to struggles for a country's independence. On a big scale, challenging authority has the potential to alter the global environment. Consider the following. If colonies had not rebelled against colonialism, would imperialism have remained vast and powerful? Would the world exist as we know it today? On a smaller scale, challenging authority can result in changes to policies affecting individuals, such as tax laws, voting rights, and abortion rights.
Additionally, as more and more mainstream social media platforms expand their sensationalism, ordinary people become even more fragile and emotional, more easily manipulated by the so-called truth, and always choose to accept the information they obtain from their peers over the authorities. Contrary to the statement's assertion, this scenario cannot result in a society's advancement; rather, it results in the polar opposite. Using the COVID-19 as an example, it is undeniable that thousands of medical authorities have been attempting to preserve our lives and also teach us how to protect ourselves and our family members from this heinous sickness throughout this sad period of time. However, there will always be some individuals who refuse to listen to authoritative advice or even legislation, resulting in an endemic or even broader range of emergencies.
No Government can function without the support of the people. Hence, the expected mass constitutes the most critical parameter of any governance and answers questions and grievances from the fundamental duty of the authority. Often, the public should not be aiming questions at, as it would violate the efficient running of a nation (Sagar 90). However, society stands to gain when people actively participate in embracing education policies or technological progress and art after questioning the prevailing education system. In addition, people must put the government to task on questions of the advancements in technology and science, the government's contribution to art and culture, and the effectiveness of allocating funds to various domains. In India, questioning the authority about the inefficient mid-day meal quality in multiple schools has been answered by efficiently allocating funds to the states and better food quality regulation. Active participation of people, thus, is deemed necessary for a well-off life.
The advantages of questioning the authority are manifold. People will have clearer views of the political functioning and the legal and social activities of the government. A greater understanding will enhance the greater participation of the people in concord the government. Overman (222) emphasizes that this will help people direct their grievances against certain unsatisfactory practices or suggest changes to already incorporated laws. Suggestions and opinions from ordinary people will help the authori

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