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History Of Adobe Systems: John Warnock And Charles Geschke (Essay Sample)


BRIEF history of ADOBE systems inc.

Adobe Systems Inc.
1982 is the year of my birth. Similarly, in 1982 John Warnock and Charles Geschke were employed at Xerox Parc. Xerox Parc which currently is PARC, was a research and development organization in California. PARC is currently noticed by its distinguished achievements and contributions to the world of information technology and hardware development. While at Xerox Parc Charles and John developed a particular computer language that was able to convert graphical images to numbers that could be understood by printers. The developers called the language Postscript; the language was able to translate the images and graphics suitable for screen display into unique numeric characters and symbols understood by printers.
The Xerox Parc company liked the software developed by Charles and John so much that it did not issue licenses for public use but instead used the software internally. In 1982 Charles Geschke and John Warnock left the company to advance in private company of their own, their decision led to the development of Adobe Systems Inc. During the beginning of the company the was not much significance, however, a big break came to the company when Apple Inc. came into view with an individual interest in the postscript language the Adobe Inc. had perfected. In turn, Apple got the first licenses from Adobe Inc. for its products and the postscript language which Apple used for its laser printers it developed. The Adobe Systems advanced in its development with the production of Adobe Illustrator in 1987.
The Adobe Illustrator was specialized in design and graphic. Nevertheless, the most significant production of the Adobe Systems Inc. was the Adobe Photoshop. The Adobe Photoshop was originally developed by a Michigan nerd student Noel, who wrote the codes for his personal use. In the same year, Adobe Systems got the distribution license from the developer and started the distribution of the software. However, in 1995, Adobe Systems Inc. got full rights of the Adobe Photoshop for 34.5 million dollars. The company, on the other hand, had concerns about the sales of the software since the software was large and required lots of memory. Fast changing technological advancements also led t...
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