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Computer Networking (Essay Sample)


This essay was to demonstrate how different networks work.

When it comes to computer networking, it is simply a method in which a particular company or individual decides on interconnecting several computer so as to share resources. There are several different types of networks that people can use to connect computers. Some time back the only method someone could have used to connect computers is by the use of a cable of which that is not the case now. Due to advancements in technology, people can now connect several computers using a wireless connection or even Bluetooth without reducing the speeds of data shared in the network. However there are two major connection layouts that one must use for a network to be functional. These are the peer to peer network and the client/server based platform. This two are different in many ways and both have their own advantages and disadvantages, these network platforms are both used on different areas depending on the size and space needed for the computers to network.
The main difference between these two networks is basically how they share data and resources through the network. In a peer to peer network, there is no dedicated central station that controls the other computers. Therefore the distribution of data in a peer to peer network is equal among all computers and no computer in this network can limit the other from running a task. However when it comes to client/server based network, there is a dedicated server which is used as the security in the network. Therefore in a server based network all other computers must be granted permission to access particular services in the network by the main server. This means that the main server has the power to either allow a certain computer to use the networks resources or not. However for both network platforms to operate smoothly they all need a directory service network, which helps in organizing, storing and allowing of access to information on the network.
However the two networks have both advantages and disadvantages as compared to each other. On both networks the advantages and disadvantages are: First, on a client server the storage of data and files are all located in one place, while on a peer to peer network files are in all individual computers and therefore making it hard for someone who has never used a certain computer to find a specific file in it. Second, in a client server network one can backup their files and data on the central dedicated computer incase the system crushes down, while on the other hand, on a peer to peer network, there is no backup of files and the moment the network breaks down the files will be lost. Third, the client server is hard and very expensive to install due to the cost of the dedicated server and this makes it hard for small companies or home networks to afford it, while on the hand a peer to peer network is simple and cheap to install and manage. Forth, on a client server the security of all computers is controlled by the dedicated server which has the power to allow or deny any activity running on other computers, while in a peer to peer the security of the network relies on each individual computer in such a way that every computer protects itself. Fifth, on a sever client one must have a log in password for the network and this ensures security from outsiders, while in a peer to peer there is no password required for the network and this puts the network in a risky situation. In a client server the software's and operating system can be updated through the network and through this the computers can always be running on the latest updates, while on a peer to peer network the computers do not need an operating system for normal functioning.
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