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Positive and negative effects of cell phones (Essay Sample)


discuss the positive and negative effects of cell phones to the society

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Most of the innovations that are made in the society, they either make us good or bad. Cell phones being an innovation done in the society do have a positive and a negative to the society. Since the discovery of the cell phones there have been drastic changes in the society and these changes have been negative and positive (Burgess 126).
Positive changes of the cell phones to society
Cell phones have been able to revolutionize the way people interact with one another. This has been a positive change as when one reflects back to the traditional society, the people had to use the tiresome processes of transmitting the information from one place to another. One will find that all these ways used in the past were very slow and ineffective. In the past, the sending of urgent information was very problematic (Burgess 128). After the innovation of the cell phones, there was the provision of a media in which information could be transmitted and parties could communicate with each other instantly in spite of the distance and location. The discovery of the cell phones gave way for the discovery of other means of communication.
Cell phones have enhanced the security of modern society changing it. This is evident in that one cannot cut down the communication therefore, giving for example, parent can be In a position to communicate with their children when there is an emergency. Security has been boosted in the areas of house attacks as alarms can be raised and the house attackers cannot block the cell phones since they use wireless connections (Burgess 120). In addition to this, cell phones have made it easy for the calling of medical help incase a person in a particular home needs medical attention.
The discovery of the cell phones led to the integration of the most innovative inventions of modern times known as the internet. The internet has made it possible for people to have access to variety of information on a topic in an instant (Ling 153). The internet which is a product of the cell phone allows people in a society to acquire goods and products by selling and buying them through the internet regardless of the place and location in which a person is. The internet has also enhanced the banking systems by easing money transfer. Through the internet, mails can be sent trough the e-mail and when one compares this with the tradition way of sending the e-mails; the e-mail is much faster and much less cheap (Ling 156). In the recent development, the internet has started to allow oral communication where people can communicate to each other by use of the video calls and this has avoided the travelling costs for instance to attend meetings as they are done over the video calls. The cell phones have allowed each and every individual who owns one to access the internet and therefore, accessing all these components of the internet and therefore changing their lives and the society in large (Ling 160).
The cell phones do have very many feature and thus enhancing social network. This is whereby people are allowed to interact and make new friends. This is very advantageous to the people who are shy of personal contact with other people. The cell phones have been able to boost their self confidence as they are able to learn that communication is not hard and eventually they venture into the real world so as to meet these people. Interactions in the social cites has increased happiness to the teenagers and it has led to avoidance of dangerous tendencies such as suicide and depression. This means like the technology is like a platform that is used for meeting new people and making new friends. It has been made more possible as the cell phones are portable so people can communicate at any place and in any situation.
Negative changes of cell phones to the society
In spite of the advantages of the cell phones to the society, they have also negative impacts to the society. Cell phones are beginning to affect the interpersonal communication skills of individuals. This problem is affecting the young generation who are growing up with the technology and result not fully communicating with the others (Ling 189). Cell phones are believed to hide the ability of the young generation to an effective conversation with another person face to face. The crucial communication tools such as tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions have been lost due to the cell phones. These communication skills are very important in everyday life of an individual but they have been lost making it difficult for an individual to venture into the world especially the business world.
As a result of lack of these skills, reading of the text messages becomes hard eventually. For example if an individual sends a text message that has sarcastic tone in it, the receiver might not understand the real meaning of the text (Lin 203). The cell phone has made it impossible also to express what we feel. For instance if one is happy, sad or angry, it is very difficult to express it through a text in the cell phone.
It has been found that students from the grade school to high school do have the cell phones. This means that the children can read e-mail addresses and even update facebook status during class time. This has been found to bring problems to the academic performance of the students. The loud ring of the cell phones during a class session distracts the other students and also it has been proven that when the professors watch the student text during a lecture session, they are affected in the way they deliver their knowledge to the students (Lin 209). The cell phones have also been used by the students during examination. The students use the mobile phones in cheating the exams therefore bringing in the aspect of exam irregularities.
Use of the cell phones especially by the teenagers has resulted to moral evil and addiction. Most of the teenagers are addicted to their cell phones in such a way that they cannot go anywhere without their phones. This has resulted to the degradation of the education sector as the teenagers forget that they must study for their exams and instead they text and listen to music with their phones (Lin 212). In the aspect of moral evil, the teenagers have been known to access the pornographic sites using their phone and they end up being exposed to moral evil.
Cell phones have resulted to health risks in the society. The Constance use of the phone has effect on the health of the individual. As known to the many, talking on the phone for long hours per day can led to occurrence of brain cancer. Not only does it cause brain cancer but also disturbance in sleep, fatigue, infertility and difficulty in concentration. This will intern affect the society as it will have to take care of the sick ...
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