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How Technology Has Enabled The Growth and Development of Many Organizations (Essay Sample)


the task needed an explaination on how organizations and work systems intergrate. the sample is about how technology has enabled the growth and development of many organizations, which have implemented it in their work systems.


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Organizations and work systems
Just as proclaimed in the article, the truth is that how institutional managers put into playing different practices is what determines the success rate in terms of productivity within any establishment (Sandra and Lisa 434). For instance, the implementation of new technological advancements within an establishment goes a long way in enabling institutions to keep up with recent technology trends. Subsequently, an institution would not only be able to ensure increased productivity within the workplace, but establishments would also ascertain their competitive advantage. Hostettler (102) proclaimed that the best strategies in implementing feasible practices in the workplace would include a routine evaluation of employee performance to make sure that whatever it is employees do in their jobs is in line with the institute's overall goals. Besides measuring individuals’ performance, it would be vital to create a routine and guarantee that employees abide by everything required of them as per the standard set in the workplace.
According to Edward Harvey, the integration of technology within any work environment comes with countless benefits for an institution, which is true. This is because, since the inception of different forms of technology, institutions have witnessed great prowess in several ways (Edward 256). For instance, technology simplifies the work that individuals would be required to undertake at different times. Still, it also encourages employees at institutions to become more creative and innovative in everything they do at work. A creative team would mean immense progress for any establishment. On the same note, the use of technology in different sectors of an institution has enabled most establishments to achieve excellent c

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